Sometimes auto-invest just doesn’t work. It’s turned on, but all your money is sitting there, lazily waiting to be invested. Or maybe it worked for a while but doesn’t invest anymore. Don’t panic ! Here are the most common causes of auto-invest failures. Just follow this auto-invest troubleshooting guide, and have all your money automatically invested again !

Basic auto-invest troubleshooting

One very basic trick that sometimes works with Mintos is simply to disable the auto-invest, then re-enable it. I used it a few times and it worked well ! It’s actually a bit surprising to see this behavior, as globally Mintos’s website is very polished and works extremely well.

Your criteria are too restrictive

Maybe you ask for an interest rate that’s too high. Many auto-invest configuration pages display how many loans match your criteria. Mintos shows this information extremely clearly :

Twino, on the other hand, could display it better :

Portfolio size is not large enough to reinvest

Many P2P lending sites allow you to setup different portfolios, limiting them by their maximal size. A common mistake is to set this limit to the initial portfolio size. In this case, profits that will grow the portfolio size won’t be reinvested.

Here’s Mintos settings for this :

Reinvestment option not selected

This is similar to the previous item : you often have to explicitly ask for reinvestment to happen.

Omaraha hides it particularly well (while writing this post, I actually realized I forgot to check this options for my new Finnish portfolio !). It’s located under “investment terms”, then “Settings”.

Omaraha's poor ergonomy looks like a gold mine for auto-invest troubleshooting advices :) Here, the cleverly hidden reinvestment option

Most other websites offer a more direct setting, as does ViaInvest (bottom-right parameter) :

Auto-invest was mistakenly deactivated

As pointed out in Investly’s review, it’s easy to mistakenly deactivate the auto-invest feature at this website. If you click on “Change/deactivate” in order to change the settings but then change your mind, leaving the screen as is, the auto-invest will be deactivated ! This is signaled by the red dot at the left of the currency name, as for GBP in this screenshot.

Investly auto-bidder deactivated for GBP

Asking for help on auto-invest troubleshooting

If everything else fails, you can request help regarding auto-invest troubleshooting. One way to do it is just to leave a comment on this post 🙂

You can also use the handy forums at P2P Independent Forum. Many P2P sites are covered by a specific sub-forum; although I never used them, it looks like you can get some useful suggestions.

(last update : November 9th, 2017)