Investing in loans : the complete guide

Investing in loans isn't as easy as it seems At first glance, investing in loans seems easy and safe. They indeed look like an investor’s dream made true, promising a low risk combined to high returns. Imagine… you invest € 1,000 for a year in a loan with 12% interest rate; after one year you … Read more

Default risk : what if the borrower doesn’t pay ?

The #1 risk when investing in loans A borrower who doesn’t reimburse the loans is obviously the greatest risk when investing in loans. Unfortunately, individual borrowers may be unable to reimburse their loans, real-estate projects may fail, and businesses may go bankrupt. Overall, all loans kinds are likely to default. In this article, we’ll examine … Read more

Investing mistakes that may harm your crowdlending portfolio

Crowdlending is a risky investment Like other investment forms, crowdlending come with associated risks. This post will introduce you with several classical investing mistakes that beginner and even advanced investors may make. Basically, it boils down to being patient, diversifying your portfolio, being on the lookout for red flags, and having realistic performance expectations – … Read more