Fast Invest review

Part of Fast Invest's loans list

Warning ! This platform is currently in my blacklist After both Kuetzal and Envestio proved to be scams, I became much more cautious and decided to blacklist several platforms; is one of them. I will keep on updating this review, but don’t recommend investing them anymore. More details regarding blacklisted platforms can be found on … Read more Fast Invest review

Iuvo review

Iuvo’s overview Iuvo is a marketplace for peer-to-peer loans. It focuses on investments safety, as the loan originators A loan originator is the firm that originally provides the loan to the borrower. They usually lend a small percent of the amount using their own funds, while the remaining is put on sale on loans marketplaces. … Read more Iuvo review

EstateGuru review

Collateral for one of EstateGuru's bridge loans

EstateGuru’s overview focuses on real-estate loans. The projects are rather conservative, usually yielding around 11% for durations of one year or more. My opinion on EstateGuru While the interest rates offered by ‘s projects are lower than at or , they provide great investment opportunities for those who want a more conservative portfolio. It’s also … Read more EstateGuru review

Crowdestor review

Illustration of Crowdestor's "Sweet dreams Samloem" project

Crowdestor’s overview offers real-estate and business loans. Their interest rates are usually in the 14%-20% range, for durations varying from one to two years. A partial buyback guarantee A buyback guarantee is a guarantee provided by the platform or a loan originator. If repayment of a loan is delayed by more than a given delay (usually … Read more Crowdestor review

Investly review : let’s invest in invoice finance

Table of contents Investly's overview My opinion on Investly Detailed ratings Investly's pros & cons Loans characteristics Platforms features Website's ease of use Actual performance of my Investly portfolio Investly's competitors Investly's facts and figures Disclosure Investly’s overview Investly is a P2P lending company focusing on invoice finance. Loans are available in GPB and EUR; … Read more Investly review : let’s invest in invoice finance

CrowdEstate review

CrowdEstate's "Inger Hotel" project

CrowdEstate’s overview is a leading platform for real-estate and business loans. The real-estate projects became more conservative in 2018, and now yield around 11%-12% yearly. On the other hand, the long-term business loans are still somehow speculative and offer 16% returns. My opinion on CrowdEstate Although I still appreciate the large supply of loans available … Read more CrowdEstate review

BulkEstate review

BulkEstate's "Blaumaņa Street" project

BulkEstate’s overview features only real-estate projects. Interest rates typically vary from 14% to 17% (recent projects were more speculative than early ones); interests are usually repaid in full at the end of the loan, at the same time as the capital. My opinion on BulkEstate I used to prefer over , thanks to the superior … Read more BulkEstate review

Robocash review

An excerpt of Robocash's loans list

Robocash’s overview Through , you can invest mostly in very short-term (one month) personal loans or in longer-term commercial loans, yielding 14% annually. These loans come with a buyback guarantee. My opinion on Robocash Now that increased the interest rates to match ‘s and ‘s, their offer became competitive again. Unfortunately, in term of website … Read more Robocash review

DoFinance review

DoFinance's offer

DoFinance’s overview provides a rather innovative offer, perfect for those who want an extra-easy P2P investment with a reasonable performance. Interest rates range from 5% to 11%, depending on the investment duration and early withdrawal terms. My opinion on DoFinance offers great returns for such a simple product. Although ‘ Invest & Access is an … Read more DoFinance review

Swaper review – Stable returns for short-term loans

Swaper's auto-invest screen looks great

Swaper’s overview allows to invest in short-term (one month) individual loans. All these loans yield 12% annually and are covered by a buyback guarantee. For very large portfolios (€ 5,000 or more), the interest rate is increased to a very nice 14%. My opinion on Swaper Like , will mostly appeal to short-term investors; for longer … Read more Swaper review – Stable returns for short-term loans