Robocash review

An excerpt of Robocash's loans list

Robocash’s overview Through , you can invest mostly in very short-term (one month) personal loans or in longer-term commercial loans, yielding 14% annually. These loans come with a buyback guarantee. My opinion on Robocash Now that increased the interest rates to match ‘s and ‘s, their offer became competitive again. Unfortunately, in term of website … Read more Robocash review

DoFinance review

DoFinance's offer

DoFinance’s overview provides a rather innovative offer, perfect for those who want an extra-easy P2P investment with a reasonable performance. Interest rates range from 5% to 11%, depending on the investment duration and early withdrawal terms. My opinion on DoFinance offers great returns for such a simple product. Although ‘ Invest & Access is an … Read more DoFinance review

P2P lending platforms comparison

Peer-to-peer marketplaces in a nutshell While 2018 saw marketplaces for real-estate and business loans gain a lot of traction, P2P loans are still the most obvious way to invest in loans. Moreover, as in early 2020 two P2B (peer-to-business) platforms proved to be scams, I expect that many investors will return to less risky, more … Read more P2P lending platforms comparison

P2P lending portfolio review for July, 2017

Month overview Unlike my Collective2 portfolio, my P2P lending portfolio’s life was rather uneventful this month (and I don’t complain about it 🙂 ). I added some more funds to Omaraha and I’m nearly reaching my target portfolio size. I still have to decrease ViaInvest size, but I’m waiting for the principal to be reimbursed. Current … Read more P2P lending portfolio review for July, 2017

Swaper review – Stable returns for short-term loans

Swaper's auto-invest screen looks great

Swaper’s overview allows to invest in short-term (one month) individual loans. All these loans yield 12% annually and are covered by a buyback guarantee. For very large portfolios (€ 5,000 or more), the interest rate is increased to a very nice 14%. My opinion on Swaper Like , will mostly appeal to short-term investors; for longer … Read more Swaper review – Stable returns for short-term loans

ViaInvest review

ViaInvest's loans list

ViaInvest’s overview focuses on short-term, secured loans offering an uniform 11% interest rate. My opinion on ViaInvest With the current returns, is not really competitive. For short-term investments in payday loans, both and are much better choices. Detailed ratings Performance The current interest rate is extremely low… and tax withholding lowers it even more ! … Read more ViaInvest review

Mintos review

A very small sample of Mintos loans list

Mintos’s overview is one of the largest peer-to-peer lending platforms; they offer a huge volume of loans of all kinds and durations. My opinion on Mintos ‘ success is well deserved ! They deliver an excellent and very regular performance, and the impressive loans volume means that basically any amount can be invested without fearing … Read more Mintos review

Bondora review

Table of contents Bondora's overview My opinion on Bondora Detailed ratings Bondora's pros & cons Loans characteristics Platform's features Website's ease of use Actual performance of my Bondora portfolio Bondora's main competitors Bondora's facts and figures Disclosure Bondora’s overview Bondora provides individual loans. The yearly interests rates vary greatly depending on the borrower’s profile; they … Read more Bondora review

Omaraha review : great returns come at a price

Omaraha's interface is both ugly AND hard to use

Omaraha’s overview offers mostly partially secured personal loans. The highest interest rates currently available for these loans are slightly above 19%; at least 60% of their capital is covered by the buyback guarantee. My opinion on Omaraha I used to really love and have invested up to 60% of my P2P assets there. For a … Read more Omaraha review : great returns come at a price