ICO portfolio review for January 2018

After a crazy rise in December, January was a very bad month for crypto-currencies. The most famous one, Bitcoin, lost about two third of its value. As a result, my ICO portfolio also suffered. I’m really happy I invested only a small sum as I’m not sure I could bear such volatility ! Portfolio structure … Read moreICO portfolio review for January 2018

Monthly ICO portfolio review

As I mentioned in this post, I started investing a small sum in crypto-currencies through ICOs (initial coin offerings) at the end of 2017. This portfolio is extremely small compared to my P2P lending portfolio. From now on, I’ll report on the fluctuations of the tokens price on a monthly basis. Portfolio structure I invested … Read moreMonthly ICO portfolio review

Crypto20 ICO : investing in crypto-currencies

So, finally, Crypto20 ICO will be my entry point to the scary world of crypto-currencies. I’ve been interested in this topic for a while, but never dared to start investing. There were several reasons to this : a lack of trust towards most platforms, the apparent complexity of crypto-currencies world, and finally the crazy rise … Read moreCrypto20 ICO : investing in crypto-currencies