Crowd-lending portfolio review for April 2019

Website changes

I found the time to publish a new review. True to my tradition of not reviewing platforms in a chronological order, it’s a platform I didn’t mention previously : Bondster. This peer-to-peer lending platform looks like a great complement to Mintos; for beginners, it’s much more easier to use so it could be a great way to start investing in loans. Overall I’m really enthusiastic about it, in spite of the lack of a secondary market !

In addition, I updated most of the documentation, and also added a comparison of peer-to-peer lending platforms, similar to the one for real-estate and business crowdlending platforms.

Noteworthy changes in the crowdlending world

In case you missed them, here’s a summary of the important news you should be aware of.


The platform lowered the minimal amount from €100 to €50.


There’s now a loyalty program available. Investors who have more than €1000 on their account as well as early adopters will get an increased interest rate; the bonus will depend on how much they invested through the platform.

Individual platforms performance​​

In April, I added funds to many platforms, which negatively impacted the performance of many recent portfolios as I didn’t always invest all funds immediately.

Apart from this it’s been a pretty normal month, with most platforms behaving as expected.



April was a stable month for my Mintos portfolio; the XIRR reached 13.15%, very close to March’s 13.13%. I recently increased the interest rate for my auto-invest on this platform in order to invest in 14% loans.



My Swaper portfolio had slightly decreased returns in April, as the XIRR went from 12.15% to 12.09%. Just like last month, all my funds are currently invested, which is an encouraging sign regarding the cash drags that used to plague the platform.



There were many cashback campaigns at Grupeer in April; as many of my loans matured, I used this opportunity to reinvest in loans yielding 13% and get an instant cashback. In term of returns, April was another excellent month, with my XIRR climbing from 14.5% to 14.66%.



The value of my Bondora portfolio keeps on decreasing. In terms of XIRR, the returns are basically laughable; it dropped from an already appalling 7.47% to a disastrous 7%.



My XIRR was globally stable at Omaraha last month; its value was 19.9% in late April, versus 19.92% in late March. As I mentioned earlier, current interest rates are great (34% gross, meaning more than 27% net); the volumes seem rather low though.



As expected, the XIRR for my DoFinance portfolio dropped again in April, from 10.87% to 10.76%. I mentioned Indonesian loans last month, but didn’t have time to look into these.



The XIRR for Robocash was stable, at 11.59% compared to 11.63% last month.



The performance of my Investly portfolio decreased slightly, from 7.77% to 7.61%.



April was a deceiving month for my FinBee portfolio, whose performance decreased from 12.76% to 12.63%. The review is still being written and I hope to publish it in May.



April was another down month for Monestro, with a rather terrible XIRR of 7.63% (versus 7.75% in March).



My Crowdestor portfolio had a slightly decreased performance in April; the XIRR went down from 15.95% to 15.87%. Part of this is caused by an increase of this account’s size; I still haven’t invested all of the funds as I try to diversify my investments between many projects.



XIRR for my Envestio portfolio reached 16.71%, up from an already excellent 16.01%. While it’s getting hard to get funds invested if you’re not quick enough, the results are really worth the effort. I only wish they’d implement an auto-invest in order to make things fairer.



April was deceiving for my Iuvo performance; the XIRR dropped severely from 13.46% to 12.71%. Again, this may be explained by the increase of the portfolio size.



All my EstateGuru loans paid interests in April, so the XIRR reached 10.62%, up from 9.28%. It will decrease again and get back to this level in 3 months.

Fast Invest


The performance of my Fast Invest portfolio decreased severely, from 11.85% to 10.54%. As for Iuvo, it’s probably due to the fact that I added funds.



The XIRR for my Ekassa portfolio was overall stable, at 7.51% (compared to 7.57% last month). I’m waiting for feedback from their support regarding reinvestment, which is supposed to happen but doesn’t.



The performance for my Kuetzal portfolio decreased from 15.43% to 14.48%. I have some cash lying there after I increased my portfolio size, which mostly explains this counter-performance.

Other platforms

Once more I can’t compute a realistic XIRR for CrowdEstate and BulkEstate. However I’m still very enthusiastic about these platforms and I increased the size of these two portfolios. I also increased the size of my ReInvest24 portfolio, although it didn’t bring me any return yet.

I should soon be able to publish an XIRR for my PeerBerry portfolio, as well as for my very new Bondster portfolio. Regarding NEO Finance and Debitum Network, they’ll probably wait a bit more.

Global portfolio performance


My global performance (which is the weighted average of individual XIRR for each platform) was again slightly up : it indeed increased from 15.45% to 15.49%. It has increased (although slightly) for 2 months in a row, mostly thanks to the larger portfolios of real-estate and business loans, which perform extremely well.

Peer-to-peer lending platforms


Overall the returns for most platforms in this category are rather regular. Omaraha is obviously the best performer, and explains the relatively high global performance of my loans portfolio. On the other hand, the decreasing returns at Bondora (which weighs nearly as much as Grupeer) brings the overall returns down.

Business and real-estate crowdlending platforms


While these figures don’t include CrowdEstate and BulkEstate, they give a realistic picture of the kind of returns investors can obtain by investing in these loans.

Current allocation

I kept on withdrawing funds from Omaraha in April. Unlike last month, I reinvested this amount as well as additional funds; most went to real-estate and business crowdlending platforms (BulkEstate, CrowdEstate, Crowdestor, ReInvest24 and Kuetzal) but I also increased my portfolios in two P2P lending platforms (Fast Invest and Iuvo).

New platforms

After opening my Bondster account last month, I still have many pending reviews. I try to focus on writing reviews for platforms that would bring something to my readership instead of piling up reviews of similar marketplaces; this is why I prioritized Bondster.Similarly, I’m investigating Flender, which could be an alternative to Investly.

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