Crowd-lending portfolio review for August 2018

Overview of the month

After the drama of Mogo’s lowered interest rates at Mintos in July, August was business as usual. My returns at most platforms are slightly down or stable; the exceptions are Crowdestor and Envestio, which are starting to produce realistic returns.

Website changes

Will I ever update Bondora’s review ? It’s honestly hard to fid the motivation to write about such a deceiving platform. However I hate having outdated information on the website, so I’ll have to do it it anyway, and the sooner the better !

Current performance

Here are my current returns for each platform.


Omaraha‘s XIRR for August was 19.53%, down from 19.90%. For diversification’s sake, I once again withdrew most of the available balance in order to add it to Grupeer and Envestio.


It won’t surprise casual readers that Bondora‘s XIRR is once more down. It felt slightly, from last month’s 12.20% to 12.10%. Just like Omaraha, I withdrew some available funds.


After an all-time high of 14.96% in July, Grupeer‘s XIRR was slightly lower in August, at 14.76. My portfolio there is nearly at my target allocation, so I’ll stop adding funds.


My XIRR at Mintos doesn’t suffer (yet ?) from the lowered rates at Mogo. It was actually slightly up, at 12.97% versus 12.93% the previous month.


The performance of my Swaper portfolio was stable in August; the XIRR was 12.18%, versus 12.24% in July.


Robocash‘s XIRR also didn’t move much; it rised from 12.97% to 13.04%. Note that as I started investing in the new installment loans, my XIRR may decrease slightly as they will pay interests at the end of the loan duration.


My portfolio at DoFinance had an XIRR of 12.10%, slightly down from 12.20%. It should decrease in the coming months, as my previous investment period was over and I had to re-invest with lower interest rates.


Investly‘s XIRR dropped below 8%, reaching an appaling 7.94% (compared to 8.15% last month). I lowered the target interest rates for my auto-invest, but it pains me to request so little when much better alternatives are available !


Crowdestor‘s XIRR was 14.15%, up from 13.17%. The statistics are actually a bit unfair for this platform, as many projects pay interests at the beginning of the month; at this point, the XIRR reaches 17% before dropping. However, this statistical bias will disappear as my portfolio grows older.


XIRR for my Envestio portfolio reached an excellent 16.45%, up from 14.76%. This platform has more and more projects, and is very focused on investors’ safety; they deserved a bump in their rating, from 4 stars to 4.5 stars. I also increased my portfolio size and will continue doing so.

Other companies

I’m still unable to produce realistic returns for CrowdEstate and BulkEstate; I’ll probably be able to compute them in October, once several projects are completed.

Aggregate portfolio XIRR

This value is the average of the XIRR for each company, weighted by its amount. It’s down from 16.37% to 15.97%, mostly due to Omaraha’s and Bondora’s lower performance.

XIRR evolution

Now that I have enough values with a computed XIRR, I removed all data before October 2017 as they were provided by the platform or crudely estimated. From November 2017 onward, they were all computed using the method outlined in this article.

As usual, Omaraha is the leader; Grupeer, CrowdEstate and Envestio share the second position.

Current allocation

Funds withdrawn from Bondora and Omaraha were allocated to Grupeer and Envestio; I also invested in a new project at both CrowdEstate and BulkEstate. From now on, I’ll mostly add funds to Envestio (and Crowdestor if they publish interesting projects); however, BulkEstate seems to focus on more speculative projects, so I may increase my portfolio size again.

New platforms

I’m still evaluating a new P2P platform; regarding the new real-estate platform I mentioned last month, the concept seems interesting but I have troubles getting feedback from them.

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