Crowd-lending portfolio review for August 2019

Website changes

In August, I finally switched to my new reviews generator for both Alternative Investments and Tonifier Votre Épargne. Most reviews were migrated, with the notable exceptions of Crowdestor and Bondora. They now all follow the same outline (there were a few discrepancies); in addition, I’ve updated and expanded their content.

Other noteworthy changes include an update to the article on default risk in order to incorporate EstateGuru‘s most recent recoveries, and the recent news – or rather, lack of actual news – regarding both CrowdEstate’s Kevade-9 project and the bankruptcy of Mintos‘ Eurocent. This article still lacks data on buyback data for real-estate and business crowdlending platforms; I plan to incorporate them in a larger article.

Finally, after seeing many new projects and improvements to their website, I also made many changes to Monethera‘s review.


TFGcrowd review is here ! I mostly appreciated the platform, in spite of the absence of an early exit option. Indeed, interest rates are high, and projects are rather diversified; in addition, there’s now a buyback fund that covers most projects.

As a recent crowdlending platform, TFGcrowd’s main flow is the lack of track record, which should incite investors to be patient and grow their portfolio slowly !

Noteworthy news from the crowdlending world

In case you missed them, here’s a summary of the important news you should be aware of.


While this summer’s cashback campaign on Lithuanian loans at EstateGuru is now over, there’s a new one to replace it ! It offers a cashback from 0.5% to 1% on selected loans until the end of the month.

Here’s the fine print : We are offering a 0,5% cashback on all investments starting from €1000, and a 1% cashback on all investments starting from €10 000 made into loans displaying the Cashback sign from August 28 till September 30.


Mintos published a blog post regarding Aforti Finance, the originator which delayed repayments last month, causing a bit of panic among investors. Everything is now back to normal, apart from the fact that Aforti loans can’t be sold on the secondary market anymore.


Viventor also offers loans from Aforti. While Mintos has actively communicated on the matter, Viventor only issued a somewhat hidden warning with absolutely zero subsequent update. It’s absolutely non-professional, and I will even go as far as saying that it shows an absolute lack of care for the investors’ safety.

I’m utterly disappointed by this platform, and will decrease their rating accordingly.


Two loan originators ( and TezCredit) have stopped their activities on Robocash, so investors should update their auto-invest settings accordingly. (As I’m writing this portfolio review, these two originators are still present on the auto-invest configuration screen).

Current investment through these originators won’t be affected, and reimbursements will of course being passed down to investors as usual.


Swaper‘s bank details have changed, so make sure that you update them on your side !

Individual platforms performance​​

As I announced in last month’s portfolio review, I will not detail variations for every platform anymore. Only notable variations or noteworthy changes on the platform will be commented

Graphical overview



How low will it go ? I already asked this question a few months ago and my Bondora returns have dropped even more since. XIRR is now 5.62%, a large drop from July’s 6.00%.



One project was scheduled to pay interests after 6 months; as this delay is up, I received a nice chunk of compounded interests for this duration. It gave my already great returns a nice boost, and the XIRR reached 16.75%, up from 15.66%.

Many new loans were published in August, so I increased my portfolio’s size again – and plan to keep on doing so in September –

Debitum Network


I didn’t manage to login before updating this article, so the performance may not be accurate.



Last month, I signed up for another 6-month investment period; the previous one resulted in a very nice performance of 10.34%. It currently stands at 10.03%, but I tend to disregard intermediary values as they don’t really reflect the final performance.



While August saw many new projects at Crowdestor, it was another very quiet month at Envestio. As a consequence, I have idle funds on my account; it also resulted in a small performance decrease, as it went down from 17.43% to 17.33%.

Fast Invest


I receive most interests at Fast Invest at the beginning of the month, which in early August resulted in a nice 13% performance; as usual, it decreased during the month and reached 12.22%, very slightly down from last month’s 12.28%.



August was another down month for my FinBee portfolio; the XIRR ended up at 12.13%, while it was 12.36% in late July. It’s still impossible to invest automatically in business loans; I’ll get in touch with the platform to get some insight on this.



As there were very few new investment opportunities this summer, I have idle funds on my Flender account. This results in a performance of 7.53%, which is much lower than expected.



In spite of the presence of many projects with increased interest rates, returns for my Investly portfolio decreased in August, from 8.19% to 8.06%. As I didn’t migrate the review to the new format yet, I will use this opportunity to update the article.



Performance for my Kuetzal portfolio was stable in August; XIRR was 16.27%, roughly the same as last month’s 16.23%.



Interest rates at Mintos have dropped significantly in late August; indeed, most secured Euro loans currently yield only 12.5% (compared to 14% or more one month ago). Performance-wise, August was a very stable month; XIRR for my portfolio is now 13.22%, roughly the same as last month’s 13.26%.



I don’t remember seeing any new loan on Monestro in August, so I have idle funds there. In spite of this, my XIRR actually increased from 7.28% to 7.48%.



As I invested rather heavily in Monethera‘s new projects (which didn’t yield interests yet), my XIRR is very low; it currently stands at 5.01%. I may keep on growing this portfolio if new projects arrive in September, as I really appreciate the dynamism of the platform.



As usual, Omaraha is the best performer. With a XIRR reaching 19.81% (up from 19.74%), I’m still impressed by the regularity of the returns !



After an unexpected drop last month, performance for my PeerBerry portfolio is back to normal; it climbed from 9.96% to 10.46%.



Liquidity as Swaper seems to have improved a lot, and I updated the review in order to reflect this. As for the portfolio’s performance, it was stable in August, with an XIRR of 12.09%, compared to 12.15% in July.



Many loans yielded interests in the last day of August, which results in a rather nice performance of 12.13%. I increased the size of my portfolio and will probably increase it further in September.

Global portfolio performance


My current global XIRR (which, as explained last month, now includes all platforms) stands at 13.75%; it’s down from last month’s 13.83%. Most of this drop is – as usual – caused by Bondora ever-decreasing returns, but is also explained by the fact that new portfolios require a long time to reach their optimal performance.

Peer-to-peer lending platforms


Bondora‘s sub-performance brings returns down for this whole category; the XIRR went down from 14.44% to 14.22%.

Real-estate & business crowdlending platforms


Unlike individual loans, the performance for my business and real-estate loans portfolio is slightly up (from 13.05%). Crowdestor, Envestio and Kuetzal of course contribute a lot to this figure.

Current allocation

I moved a lot of funds around this month ! Indeed, I managed to withdraw twice more than usual from Omaraha‘s portfolio; I spread the funds between a large number of platforms.

  • A large amount went to Crowdestor, as many great projects were published in August.
  • I increased the size of my ReInvest24, Kuetzal, Monethera, and TFGcrowd portfolios a bit in order to invest in newly published loans.
  • I also added a small amount to my Flender portfolio, although the loans supply was scarce this summer.
  • I funded my Wisefund account (see below) – with a larger sum than I usually do for a starting position, but I wanted to diversify my portfolio from day one.
  • In a somehow counter-intuitive move, I funded my ViaInvest account again, which will encourage me to keep the review up-to-date.

New platforms

I opened an account at Wisefund in August. Also, In the same vein as the funding of my ViaInvest portfolio, I will probably also fund my Lenndy account; I actually opened it two years ago but didn’t manage to fund it as it required to use Paysera. Now they finally accept SEPA transfers, so I will finally jump in.

And of course, I still have several pending reviews, most of which are long overdue : ReInvest24, Debitum Network, PeerBerry.


After Monethera and TFGcrowd, Wisefund is another competitor to Crowdestor, Envestio and co. Although I don’t like the look of their website, at first glance it looks like a great way to diversify a speculative loans portfolio; indeed, interest rates are above 17%, making them highly lucrative but of course also rather risky.

4 thoughts on “Crowd-lending portfolio review for August 2019”

    • When clicking on an Aforti loan, the following message is displayed :

      “Dear Investor, Please be aware, that due to delay in payments by the loan originator Aforti Factor to Viventor’s bank account, all repayments for the loans including the buyback guarantees are currently put on hold until the late payments have been received. We have started an in-depth investigation into the situation at the loan originator and will keep you updated about the progress.”

      it hasn’t changed since early August… So, while the blog post suggests that everything is now okay, the message on the loans list gives no clue about it. Talk about bad communication…

      (I actually wrote to Viventor a few hours ago to complain about that, and I’m waiting for an answer)

  1. Hi,

    Im looking for some new platforms for Short term loans( 1-60 days) that performs like Peerberry, Swaper,Robocash and Mintos.
    Returns 11-13 %
    No or rare cashdrags

    Any suggestions from your portfolio ?

    • Hi,

      Viventor offers a large volume of loans that match your target. It’s also the case at Bondster; just be warned that the diversification feature of the auto-invest is tricky to configure, and may result in idle funds. Both platforms feature a large array of loan originators.

      In addition, ViaInvest also offers these kind of returns; however, because of the tax withholding, returns will be closer to 11% than 13% !


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