Crowd-lending portfolio review for February 2020

Website changes

As announced last month, I started updating reviews in order to include ratings for the platforms’ reliability and transparency. In addition, I now use the actual performance (instead of the platform’s interest rates) to evaluate the performance.

Updated reviews include Iuvo, Debitum Network, Ekassa, DoFinance, PeerBerry and EstateGuru; next in line are Crowdestor, CrowdEstate and Grupeer.


In February, I published my initial review for Lendermarket. I’m really enthusiastic about this platform, as it’s backed by a solid originator and the 12% returns seem great for high-quality loans. Moreover, their website is very easy to use.

Noteworthy news from the crowdlending world

In case you missed them, here’s a summary of the important news you should be aware of.


Brickstarter made two important announcements in February.

First, in a somehow counter-intuitive move, they’re moving to Estonia. While it may decrease the investors’ trust towards the platform, the fact that the funds are stored through Lemonway is very reassuring. The platform’s blog features a great post about Lemonway, which is well worth reading.

The second announcement was geared towards non-Spanish residents; from now on, there will be no more withholding taxes for them, which means much improved returns ! Moreover, already withheld taxes will be refunded.


Alfa Finance, the parent company of DoFinance has published their 2019 results. I was impressed by the transparency of this platform when I updated the review in order to take this aspect into account; now, they released their unaudited results for 2019, which are currently being audited. Let’s hope more platforms will follow this example !


Grupeer‘s website finally saw two improvements. The first one is the introduction of 2-factor authentication (2FA), in order to make investors’ account safer. Then, they announced the availability of portfolio’s statistics. These failed to impress me as they are overall weirdly displayed, but it’s better than nothing !


There were two important announcements regarding Iuvo‘s loan-originators; first, they stopped their cooperation with BBG because of failed repayments. Then, they added loans from NordCard, with a 10% interest rate.

Special offers

Here’s a list of interesting special offers currently available.


By using the promo code “LOVE1” for your first deposit, you’ll get an extra 1% interest rate for 90 days.

Individual platforms performance​​

As I previously announced, I don’t detail variations for every platform anymore. Only notable variations or noteworthy changes on the platform are commented.

Graphical overview



The returns for my small BitOfProperty portfolio increased slightly in February, from 1.96% to 3.63%. Another investment should be available soon.



My Bondora portfolio lost slightly less than usual last month; as a result, the XIRR also dropped less than usual, from 3.86% to 3.58%.



Finally ! After many months, my Bondster portfolio now displays a somehow decent performance. The XIRR is 10.90%, up from 10.33% in January.



Like on competing platform ReInvest24, projects on Brickstarter take a long time to get totally funded, which results in a low performance for a long time. The XIRR currently stands at 2.90%, up from 1.83%.



Just like in January, several loans in my BulkEstate portfolio were repaid in February. The XIRR is now getting closer to the 10% mark, with a current value of 9.75% (up from 7.42% last month). Due to the small volume of projects on the platform, I now have idle funds which I will reinvest gradually.



Although interests for many projects were repaid on time, several other loans on my CrowdEstate portfolio are late. The performance didn’t really change, from 5.81% to 5.78%.



My Crowdestor portfolio delivers a very regular performance; the XIRR for February was 15.29%, compared to 15.31% last month. Many new projects were added to the platform, and they all got funded – although it took longer than usual -.

Debitum Network


February was a stable month for my Debitum Network portfolio, with a performance of 10.40% (January’s XIRR was 10.36%).



Returns for my EstateGuru portfolio fluctuate between 8% and 10.5%; in February, the XIRR reached 9.74%, up from 8.22%.

Fast Invest


February saw the performance of my Fast Invest portfolio increase again, from 12.74% to 12.84%.



It took some time, but the performance of my Flender portfolio is approaching the 10% mark – actually 9.92%, up from 8.53% -. In addition, the loans supply has improved, so it’s probably time for me to update the review !



I finally managed to fund my Iban account ! The XIRR at the end of February was 1.95%, which is below the 2.5% target; however, my account is so small that it’s probably just a rounding error which will get compensated over time.



Like in January, the performance of my Iuvo portfolio decreased in February, from 12.16% to 11.89%. Contrary to most competitors, the interest rates are overall decreasing on this platform.



The XIRR for my Lendermarket portfolio didn’t change much in February (it moved from 8.68% to 8.71%), although it’s well below the 12% theoretical performance. This is probably due to the increase of the portfolio’s size.



The performance for my Lenndy portfolio just climbed above the 10% mark, with a XIRR of 10.04% (up from 9.73%).



February was yet another very stable month for my Mintos portfolio, as the XIRR moved very slightly from 13.27% to 13.30%. The platform currently features very high interest rates for secured Euro loans (16.7% for loans from Cashwagon); however, I prefer to stick to more reliable originators.



No interests were paid at Monethera last month, so the performance for this portfolio took a large hit – from 19.25% to 15.44% -. The platform just announced that their banking troubles were resolved, so we’ll see if investors get paid and can withdraw !



February was a stable month for my Omaraha portfolio; indeed, the XIRR only moved slightly, from 19.60% to 19.57%.



February was a great month for my PeerBerry portfolio, as the XIRR reached 11.90% – a nice increase from January’s 11.55% -. Current interest rates from reach 15.5%, although I prefer to invest in loans issued by stronger originators.



The performance of my ReInvest24 portfolio increases at a snail’s pace; in February, it increased slightly from 3.30% to 3.52%.



Last month, my Robocash portfolio returned about 3 times more than usual (probably due to their recent promotion); it gave the XIRR a nice boost, as it climbed from 11.89% to 12.54%.



In spite of occasional cash drags, February was again very stable at Swaper; the performance for this portfolio went from 12.11% to 12.15%.



In spite of many suspicions (which lead me to blacklisting this platform), my TFGcrowd portfolio is doing well and its performance is very stable, at 18.61%.



In February, the XIRR of my ViaInvest portfolio was exactly the same as last month – 9.46% -.



The XIRR for my Viventor portfolio is surprisingly volatile. In February, it reached 10.25%, up from 9.94%; it’s way below the theoretical performance of 13%.



Returns for my Wisefund portfolio were slightly up in February, from 19.18% to 19.35%.

Global portfolio performance


My overall performance is starting to slowly recover from the Envestio and Kuetzal losses.

Peer-to-peer lending platforms


The performance for this category is slightly down, from 14.68% to 14.63%.

Real-estate & business crowdlending platforms


After Envestio’s and Kuetzal’s downfalls, it will take a long time for this category’s returns to become positive again.

Current allocation

In February, I started decreasing the size of my Grupeer portfolio (it currently weighs around 15%, while I want to limit individual platforms to 10%). I also withdrew from Fast Invest, TFGcrowd, Monethera and Wisefund as they’re on my blacklist – better safe than sorry ! -.

On the other hand, I greatly increased my EstateGuru and PeerBerry portfolios, as well as Brickstarter, Lendermarket and Iuvo.

New platforms

I didn’t look at new platforms; after funding my Iban account, I still have plenty of reviews to write. I plan to open a Paysera account at some point in order to check out Profitus and Nordstreet, but the KYC process is very annoying.

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