Crowd-lending portfolio review for May 2018

Overview of the month

Just like last month, the main change in my crowd-lending portfolio is the transfer of funds from Omaraha and Bondora to Grupeer.

Website changes

Well, quite a lot of things happened, as you may have realized !

Lat month I created Alternative Investments’ Facebook page; I encourage you to check it out for up-to-date news on the platforms I invested in.

While technically this belongs to the next month’s news, I spent a lot of time re-designing the website. My priority was to make it easier to find information, and be much more mobile-friendly. I stumbled upon Elementor, an impressive page builder for WordPress, and had a lot of fun with it ! While I didn’t convert all pages to the new design yet, it shouldn’t take long to update the remaining ones.

One notable addition to my growing reviews list is Envestio. I’m rather impressed by this newcomer in the business and real-estate crowdfunding sector !

Current performance



Omaraha‘s XIRR is stable; it stood at 20.21%, against 20.26% for last month. I withdrew part of the portfolio again, as the loans supply didn’t increase much.



Bondora is once again the ugly duckling of my crowd-lending portfolio, with an XIRR down to 12.29% from 12.91% in April. As previously mentioned, I stopped reinvesting and I’m slowly withdrawing available funds. I’m planning to cut the portfolio’s size in two.



I reinvested most of the cash withdrawn from Omaraha and Bondora at Grupeer. As often, the cashback offer allowed me to boost my returns, leading to a great XIRR of 14.67%, nearly the same as last month’s 14.68%



My portfolio at Mintos keeps on performing well; the XIRR reached 12.83%, slightly up compared to the previous value of 12.75%.



The returns for this part of my P2P lending portfolio is stable, with Swaper‘s XIRR at 12.08%, nearly the same as last month’s 12.14%


Swaper’s competitor did extremely well last month, as my XIRR increased from 12.23% to 12.72%.


As expected, DoFinance‘s XIRR is stable, at 12.25% versus 12.17% last month. I noticed that this platform has recently changed their offer, and the interest rates have been lowered, so I have to update the review.

Other companies

One of my projects at CrowdEstate was successfully exited. My investment in “Global Nord Timber OÜ” yielded an IRR of 17.54%, higher than expected. However I’m still waiting to have more projects exited in order to publish a realistic performance.

My recent investments in Crowdestor pay interests monthly; as a result, I’ll start publishing their performance next month.

Regarding BulkEstate, the situation is the same as CrowdEstate, and I’m waiting until the end of the year.

Aggregate portfolio XIRR

This value is the average of the XIRR for each company, weighted by its amount. It’s down from 17.03% to 16.83%; as usual, this drop is due to the large allocation to Omaraha and Bondora, whose performance decreased.

XIRR evolution

Remember that values until October (included) were provided by the platform or crudely estimated; from November onwards they were computed using the method outlined in this article.

Once again, Omaraha is really ahead of its competitors, with Grupeer being second while other companies offer rather comparable returns.

I expect the statistics of my real-estate crowdfunding portfolio to change this a bit, as their performance should be somewhere between Omaraha’s and Grupeer’s.

Returns by crowd-lending company - May 2018

Current allocation

The rebalancing continues, with Grupeer’s portfolio increasing while Bondora and Omaraha decreased. I’m planning to invest more on real-estate crowdfunding platforms in the coming months, as this part of my portfolio is only around 5% of my total investments.

Allocation between crowd-lending companies - May 2018

New platforms

Last month I mentioned a new P2P lending platform I wanted to test, but Envestio’s arrival has changed my plans and I invested there instead. As a result, there’s still one review on my to-do list, but my main priority is to update DoFinance’s and Bondora’s reviews, as well as completing the website re-design.

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