Crowd-lending portfolio review for January 2019

Website changes​​

In January, the main addition to the website were Kuetzal and Ekassa reviews.

I already mentionned Kuetzal last month; it’s a business crowd-lending platform similar to Envestio or Crowdestor. Ekassa offers a very simple way to invest in peer-to-peer loans, with simpler terms than DoFinance.

Both are definitively worth a look; Ekassa is more geared towards beginner or conservative investors, while I’d recommend Kuetzal to more advanced or speculative investors.

Individual platforms performance​​

Not much has changed in January; the performance for most portfolios is stable.



January was another stable month for Mintos; the XIRR was 13.08%, compared to 13.13% in December.



My portfolio at Swaper also had a stable performance, with a XIRR of 12.08% versus 12.15% last month. Compared to Robocash, Swaper still seems to suffer of a lack of loans.



Grupeer is another globally stable portfolio; the XIRR went slightly up and reached 14.37%, whereas is was 14.26% in December.



The performance of my Bondora‘s portfolio gets worse and worse each month. In January, it dropped severely from 8.81% to 8.41%. After withdrawing some money from it last Autumn, I turned the Portfolio Manager on again. As you may see, it didn’t really improve my performance, far from that. Honestly, I’m really worried about my long-term performance with this platform.



XIRR at Omaraha reached an excellent 19.94%, slightly up from 19.9%. In 2019, there seems to be more loans available than last year, with increased interest rates. I managed to reinvest in many loans, although i only invested small amounts as I want to decrease the size of this portfolio.



My DoFinance portfolio is starting to feel the effect of the lowered interest rates compared to their previous offer. XIRR dropped from 11.24% to 11.42% and should keep on doing so, as currently their most interesting offer yields only 9%.



XIRR for my Robocash portfolio was down a lot again; it went from 11.7% last month to 11.41%.



Once more, Investly is the worst performer of my loans portfolio; XIRR reached an all-time-low of 7.73%, down from 7.86%.



Last Autumn, I slightly changed the configuration for my auto-invest at Finbee. It seems that it had a positive influence on my portfolio’s performance, which increased from 12.17% to 12.39%.



Just like Bondora and Investly, my Monestro portfolio offers single-digit returns. In January, it felt greatly from 8.71% to 8.03%.



XIRR for my Crowdestor portfolio was stable in January; its value was 16.05%, compared to 15.98% in December. I increased to size of this portfolio and plan to keep on doing so in order to at least double its size.



The performance for my Envestio and Crowdestor portfolios are very comparable. January’s XIRR for Envestio was 16.06%, similar to last month’s 16.01%. I once more aggressively grew my Envestio’s portfolio, which reached about 80% of its target allocation.



XIRR for my Iuvo portfolio decreased a bit in January; it went down from 13.16% to 13.07%. It’s still a very good resultat and I may increase my rating for the company if the performance remains at these levels.



At the end of January, my EstateGuru‘s portfolio had an XIRR of 10.09%. I expect this value to fluctuate slightly due to the presence of loans paying interests quarterly; however it should overall stay in the 10%-11% range.

Other platforms

Once more, there’s no XIRR for CrowdEstate and BulkEstate.

My Fast Invest and Kuetzal are slowing gathering interests, so I should be able to publish realistic figures for them in April at the latest.

Global portfolio performance


My global performance (which is the weighted average of individual XIRR for each platform) was slightly down again, at 15.39% versus 15.45% in December.

Peer-to-peer lending platforms


Overall the returns for most platforms in this category are rather regular. Omaraha is obviously the best performer, and explains the relatively high global performance of my loans portfolio. On the other hand, the decreasing returns at Bondora (which weighs nearly as much as Grupeer) brings the overall returns down.

Business and real-estate crowdlending platforms


While these figures don’t include CrowdEstate and BulkEstate, they give a realistic picture of the kind of returns investors can obtain by investing in these loans.

Current allocation

As usual, I withdrew money from Omaraha; most of it was allocated to Envestio, Crowdestor and Kuetzal.

New platforms

I opened accounts at two additional P2P-lending platforms.

The first one is PeerBerry; overall it looks like Iuvo or Mintos, but the interest rates are slightly low to my taste.

The other is NeoFinance, and while it looked promising I ended up being very deceived. Signing up was a nightmare : first the codes sent by SMS didn’t reach me, then KYC (Know Your Costumer) procedure was very hard to use on a laptop, and finally the support was extremely unhelpful. If you add to this the fact that the returns are kind of hard to predict, I’m overall not so thrilled by this platform.

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