Crowd-lending portfolio review for July 2019

Website changes

Like last month, I spent a lot of time working on the back-end of both Alternative Investments and Tonifier votre épargne. While there’s not much visible change on the reviews, I had the time to update and complete several of them (Fast Invest, Monethera, Bondster, BulkEstate, and Envestio).

I’ve also decreased a few ratings, notably Envestio‘s (because of the poor loans volume this summer), and will keep on adjusting them to keep them globally consistent.

However, the main change this month is the way I compute my global portfolio’s performance; see below for more details about this important change.

Noteworthy news from the crowdlending world

In case you missed them, here’s a summary of the important news you should be aware of.


It’s still time get some cashback through Kuetzal‘s current cashback campaign ! Investors need to invest at least € 1,000 in a project. Cashback level will depend on the invested amount, from 1% to 3%.


Until the end of August, EstateGuru offers a 0.5% cashback on Lithuanian loans. The fine print is as follows : To participate, the investor needs to invest in a Lithuanian loan that has the cashback sign. Campaign is active from the 1st of August to the 31st of August. Please note that the loan, in which the investor allocates funds, needs to be funded before the 31st August for the bonus to apply. We will transfer all bonuses to participating investors after the campaign has ended.


Aforti Finance, one of Viventor‘s originators, may be in trouble. Indeed, they stopped transferring the borrowers’ reimbursements to the platform.

I’m kind of annoyed that the platform didn’t properly communicate about this; I basically found out purely by chance, as I was checking the details of my loans portfolio and stumbled upon the following notification !

Viventor's notification about Aforti Finance
Viventor's notification about Aforti Finance


Aforti Finance is also present on Mintos; the platform published a blog post regarding the originator’s situation.

Individual platforms performance​​

Too much information kills information ! With close to 30 platforms on my portfolio, it’s kind of pointless to list monthly variations for each of them. I will thus only comment on notable changes.

At the same time, I’ve added the following graph which gives you an overview of the current performance for all platforms. Please note that like most charts on the website, it’s possible to enhance readability by removing unwanted data; to do so, simply click on the platform’s name in the legend.

Graphical overview



Once again, my Bondora portfolio displays a disastrous performance; the XIRR decreased again, from 6.41% to 6.00%.



The performance of my Bondster portfolio increases slowly as time goes by; it went up from 7.51% to 7.80%.



Two of my investments were repaid, giving my performance a very nice boost; it increased from 5.37% to 7.54%.



In July, the performance of my Crowdestor decreased sightly, due to the fact that I wired money that I didn’t immediately invest; also, not all loans in my portfolio yield monthly interests. The XIRR in late July was 15.66%, compared to 15.75% in June; it’s of course still a great result.

As the platform again featured an impressive amount of new loans in July, I kept on increasing the size of this portfolio; my target amount is the same as my Envestio portfolio.

Debitum Network


With a XIRR of 8.82%, the performance of my Debitum Network is still very low but keeps on increasing; last month’s value was 8.52%.



Last month, I expressed doubts about the performance of my Ekassa portfolio. However, my initial investment period ended in July, and the resulting XIRR made me more than satisfied : it reached 10.34%, which is a great result given how easy it is to invest. I reinvested all capital and interests for another 6 month period.



Yet another record for Envestio ! The XIRR for this portfolio went up again, from 17.23% to 17.43%. It’s a pity that so few loans are available – although the amount for those introduced in July was rather large -.



One of my loans was late but the interests ended up being repaid in July, so my performance is back to normal; the XIRR reached 10.44%, close to its theoretical value.

Fast Invest


Little by little, the performance of my Fast Invest portfolio gets closer to its expected value. It increased from 11.76% to 12.28%.



The performance for my FinBee portfolio decreased slightly in July; it went down from 12.46% to 12.36%. They apparently still didn’t solve the trouble with automatic investing on business loans.



I spent a long time trying to figure out why the performance I computed was close to zero; it turned out that when inputting the data for XIRR computation, I mistakenly typed 2018 as the year of initial investment instead of 2019. Now that this mistake is fixed, the XIRR is 7.38%.



Is it time to update my Investly review ? For two months in a row, the interest rates for many loans on this platform have been over 10%, and as high as 15% for a few of them. The performance went back above 8%, reaching 8.19% versus 7.94% in June.



Returns for my Kuetzal portfolio increased sharply in July; they reached 16.23%, up from 15.49% last month.



The performance for my Mintos portfolio was absolutely stable, at 13.26%. Current interest rates continue to be very high; indeed, I managed to invest in loans yielding as much as 15.5%.



There have been very few loans on Monestro recently. I thus have idle funds, and my portfolio’s performance has dropped further, from 7.71% to 7.28%.



While the performance of my PeerBerry portfolio was usually very regular, it dropped below 10% in July; the XIRR in June was 10.31%, and it went down to 9.96%.



As a large amount of interests finally got reimbursed on long-term loans, the performance of my Robocash portfolio increased sharply; it climbed from 11.60% to 11.82%.



My Swaper portfolio had a slightly improved performance in July, with a XIRR increasing from 12.02% to 12.15%. Like last month, all my funds are invested, and the available loans list isn’t empty anymore.



For now, the performance of my Viventor portfolio is deceiving; it dropped from 7.88% to 7.05%.

Global portfolio performance


Until now, several platforms weren’t included in my performance computations; for example, CrowdEstate and BulkEstate (because the loans’ interests don’t get paid monthly), or recent platforms for which I considered the performance unrealistically low.

However, as these criteria are rather subjective, I finally decided to take all platforms into account, from the day I fund my account. This will lead to a more realistic performance computation, and will also help understanding how long it takes to build a solid performance.

When considering all platforms, the resulting XIRR is 13.83%; it was basically stable compared to last month’s value (13.86%).

Peer-to-peer lending platforms


Returns for this category are in a downtrend; the main reason for this is the improved much diversification on my portfolio, which initially was invested at 60% in Omaraha‘s loans. Bondora‘s disastrous sub-performance of course also plays a part in this decreasing performance.

Real-estate & business crowdlending platforms


Thanks to the excellent performance of Crowdestor, Envestio and Kuetzal, the tendency for this category is very encouraging; it should perform even better once the interests for CrowdEstate and BulkEstate‘s long-term loans get repaid at maturity date.

Current allocation

As usual, I withdrew funds from my Omaraha‘s portfolio; although I withdraw large sums every month in order to reallocate them to other platforms, it’s still nearly twice its target size !

On the other hand, I increased the size of several portfolios :

  • BulkEstate, in order to complement the interests I received this month and reach the minimum investment size.
  • Crowdestor and Kuetzal, which had new projects (I don’t increase the size of my Envestio portfolio anymore, as it weighs close to 10% of my portfolio).
  • TFGcrowd – by the way the review for this platform is getting proof-read and will be published in August -.
  • Bondster, whose size increased mostly thanks to affiliate commissions.

New platforms

I didn’t open any new account in July, although I investigated several platforms. I may actually fund my ViaInvest account again; many readers come to the website after searching for it on Google, and it’s not very fair to base my opinion on an experience from two years ago ! I also still have a long list of reviews to write : the one for ReInvest24 is long overdue, as are the ones for Debitum Network and PeerBerry.

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