Crowd-lending portfolio review for June 2018

Overview of the month

June was another quiet month. I kept on withdrawing money from Omaraha and Bondora; these sums were invested in Grupeer, Crowdestor and Envestio.

Website changes

I published an in-depth comparison of real-estate and business crowdfunding platforms. If you want to diversify your portfolio and aim at higher returns, this guide should help you to choose between the four platforms we reviewed.

Other than that, not much happened since the last review, as I published it rather late. I’m still tracking a few bugs on the website.

Current performance

Here’s the detailed performance for each platform.


Omaraha‘s XIRR dropped below 20% : it now stands at 19.9%, down from 20.21% in May. I’m currently trying to invest in loans without using the bonus feature, in order to increase my results a bit. We’ll see if I manage to get loans this way !


Bondora, Bondora… What’s wrong with you ? The XIRR for this platform keeps on decreasing, in spite of reassuring communication about the performance of recovery process. XIRR is now 11.71%, another large drop from last month’s 12.29%.


I again reinvested most of the cash withdrawn from Omaraha and Bondora at Grupeer. They’re currently offering many loans yielding 15%, so I didn’t use the cashback offer as much as the previous months. My XIRR is still excellent; it’s actually the same as last month, at 14.67%.


My Mintos portfolio has slightly increased its performance, with an XIRR at 12.86% versus 12.83%. I’m currently investing in loans yielding 15%, which are sometimes scarce but the supply is sufficient for my small portfolio.


June was another month with a small performance improvement at Swaper. The XIRR was 12.19%, up from 12.08%.


Robocash performed extremely well in June; my XIRR is now 12.96%, versus 12.72% last month. The loans supply now seems to be sufficient to fulfill the investors’ needs.


DoFinance‘s XIRR is basically stable at 12.3%. I’m still digging around their website to understand the difference between the new offer and the previous one (apart from the obviously decreased interest rate).


Although the XIRR for my Investly‘s portfolio increased, it currently stands at a very mediocre 8.58%.


After less than 2 months at Crowdestor, the XIRR already reached an impressive 14.68%. One of my investments there (the crypto mining farm) was reimbursed one month early.

Other companies

Two of my CrowdEstate investments now return monthly interests; however I’m waiting for my real-estate loans there to exit before I publish my returns. This is also true for BulkEstate.

Aggregate portfolio XIRR

This value is the average of the XIRR for each company, weighted by its amount. Once again, the decrease in Bondora’s and Omarah’s XIRR led to a decrease in this value, allthough nearly all platforms performed better than last month. It’s down from 16.83% to 16.59%.

I plotted this value in the graph below; I expect it to keep on decreasing slightly, and rise again as my investments in real-estate and business loans start paying interests.

XIRR evolution

Remember that values until October (included) were provided by the platform or crudely estimated; from November onwards they were computed using the method outlined in this article.

Omaraha is as usual ahead of its competitors. Then come Grupeer and the newcomer Crowdestor, followed by most other platforms.

Current allocation

Omaraha is now less than 50% of my portfolio, which is a great thing when it comes to diversification. The proportion of real-estate and business loans has slightly increased, and should keep on doing so.

New platforms

There’s been no change; Crowdestor and Envestio currently provide me with enough investment opportunities.

2 thoughts on “Crowd-lending portfolio review for June 2018”

  1. Hi Jerome,

    I’m actually looking into Finbee for my next platform.
    As you don’t have a specific review about that yet, could you share your personal opinion/insights about it?

    I’ve just started my blog and have invested in 6 platforms at the moment… but I’d like to keep track each month also.
    Glad to see fellow bloggers doing the same.

    Thanks for your time and have a nice day!

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Ken,

      I visited your website and will get in touch by e-mail as I found it very interesting !

      Regarding Finbee, I have troubles making up my mind. My main concern is that while there’s a lot of documentation available, there are so many features that it’s hard to decide where/how to invest. I realized that I didn’t include Finbee in the above statistics; my XIRR for last month was 12.43%. I switched to another investment strategy, and will see if it improves my returns. For now, the platform’s complexity isn’t compensated by higher returns; however, giving a rating based on my experience would be rather unfair as the platform offers a very large degree of customization; this is the main reason for the lack of a review.


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