Crowd-lending portfolio review for March 2019

Website changes

I updated many articles, mostly reviews of business and real-estate crowd-lending platforms. I especially tried to clarify the conditions of buyback guarantee.

Noteworthy changes in the crowdlending world

In case you missed them, here’s a summary of the important news you should be aware of.


This Spring every new Kuetzal investor has a chance to increase portfolio by 10€. Getting your bonus is very easy: simply fill the promocode section with phrase “SPRING2019” while registering and you will find 10€ as a bonus from Kuetzal on your account.

This promotion is for users who are not yet registered on Kuetzal, and is valid until May, 31st 2019.


Apparently there were many troubles with money transfers to Grupeer using one new processor named Onpex; it’s now been disabled.


Iuvo also switched to a different bank, so existing investors should change the beneficiary details if using an online bank


Finally, Envestio just announced that they also changed the funding details; investors will have to transfer funds to a new account.

Individual platforms performance​​

March was another quiet month for my crowd-lending portfolio. Apart from my dreaded Bondora portfolio, I’m delighted with the overall performance.



In March, the performance of my Mintos portfolio increased slightly; the XIRR reached 13.13%, up from 12.99%. Interest rates for my recent investments were between 13% and 14%.



Returns for my Swaper portfolio were very stable in March, at 12.15% versus 12.14% in February. For the first time in many months, all my funds are currently invested.



March was an extremely stable month for my Grupeer portfolio; XIRR nearly didn’t change, as its value was 14.5%, compared to 14.49% last month. Many of my loans reached their maturity and I had to replace them with loans offering lower interest rates; I thus expect my XIRR to go down in the next months.



Another terrible month for my Bondora portfolio, whose value keeps on decreasing month after month. XIRR is now 7.47%, a large drop from last month’s already mediocre 7.9%.



After reaching a rather incredible 19.99% during the month, my Omaraha decreased and ended up at 19.92%, nearly the same as February’s 19.93%.



XIRR for my DoFinance portfolio keeps on dropping, which is expected as their updated offer is less generous than the previous one. However they now seem to offer loans in Indonesia with higher interest rates, which I’ll have to investigate.



The XIRR for my Robocash portfolio decreased slightly in March, from 11.75% to 11.63%



My Investly portfolio behaved slightly better than last month, with an XIRR reaching 7.77%, slightly up from 7.71%.



XIRR for my FinBee portfolio was slight down in March, at 12.76% (compared to 12.89% in February). I’m finally in the process of writing a review for this platform – better late than never ! –



Another down month for Monestro; XIRR decreased from 7.91% to 7.75%.



In march, XIRR for my Crowdestor portfolio was 15.95%, down from 16.46%. It’s still an excellent result; part of the decrease is caused by a loan that will only yield interests in August. I find this platform more and more interesting, with a large number of loans yielding high interests. I expect to grow this portfolio aggressively in the next three months.



Once more, my Envestio portfolio performed very well in March. XIRR was 16.01%, slightly down from 16.36%. As this portfolio reached the target size, I won’t grow it anymore, but will obviously reinvest interests and repaid capital in new projects.



Another month of great performance at Iuvo ! XIRR reached 13.46%, up from 13.24%. An upgrade of the review seems in order, as well as a rating increase.



The XIRR for my EstateGuru is down again because of the quarterly interests. Its value was 9.28% at the end of March, compared to 9.73% in February.

Fast Invest


I was a bit optimistic when I wrote in the previous portfolio review that I expected the XIRR for my Fast Invest to reach 14% this month. Indeed, its value was 11.85%, nicely up from 11.01% but obviously far from 14%. There was a large website upgrade, and I’m really impressed by the result. I thus plan to increase this portfolio slightly in the coming months.



The XIRR for my Ekassa portfolio was slightly down from 7.7% to 7.57%. Again, this is below the expected target performance (9%-11%).



In March, the performance of my Kuetzal portfolio finally reached a realistic level; XIRR was indeed 15.43%, which is a great result. This platform is another target for increase.

Other platforms

Once more I can’t compute a realistic XIRR for CrowdEstate and BulkEstate. On the P2P side, my recent PeerBerry is too recent for me to publish its performance. I face a different problem at NEO Finance : indeed, I had to pay a fee for the guarantee fund, which leads to a negative XIRR for now. Finally, on Debitum Network, most loans yield interest at maturity date, so for now the performance is very low.

Global portfolio performance


My global performance (which is the weighted average of individual XIRR for each platform) was slightly up, mostly thanks to the great results of the real-estate and business loans; it was 15.45%, up from 15.37%. It’s the first time in many months that this value increases.

Peer-to-peer lending platforms


Overall the returns for most platforms in this category are rather regular. Omaraha is obviously the best performer, and explains the relatively high global performance of my loans portfolio. On the other hand, the decreasing returns at Bondora (which weighs nearly as much as Grupeer) brings the overall returns down.

Business and real-estate crowdlending platforms


While these figures don’t include CrowdEstate and BulkEstate, they give a realistic picture of the kind of returns investors can obtain by investing in these loans.

Current allocation

I once more withdrew funds from Omaraha, but this time I didn’t reinvest them as I needed some cash for unexpected travel expenses. As mentioned earlier, I’ll probably grow my Crowdestor and Kuetzal portfolios, as well as BulkEstate and Fast Invest.

New platforms

I’m currently checking one more P2P platform, but didn’t open any new account in March. FinBee and PeerBerry should be the next reviews. I also started doing some research about private equity crowdfunding, as I’m curious about this area !

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