Crowd-lending portfolio review for May 2019

Website changes

In May, I published not one but two reviews !


The long-awaited review of FinBee is finally here ! While I appreciate the platform, I’m still searching for the optimal auto-invest configuration; my current returns are slightly below my expectations.


I also reviewed Flender, a crowdlending platform financing Irish SMEs. In spite of the low loans volume, the large variety of loans available will satisfy all investors. It’s really an excellent complement to the platforms based in Baltic countries !

Noteworthy changes in the crowdlending world

In case you missed them, here’s a summary of the important news you should be aware of.


There’s a new cashback campaign, for investors who invest at least €1000 in a project. Cashback level will depend on the invested amount, from 1% to 3%.

Individual platforms performance​​

Once more, last month didn’t bring much change performance-wise – although most platforms performed very slightly worse than previously -. Note that this month, I was unable to record the performance on the first day of the month, but only managed to do it on June, 4th. It may slightly influence the resulting XIRR for platforms that yield interests at the end of the month.



May was yet another stable month, as my XIRR at Mintos ended up at 13.18%, very similar to April’s 13.15%. Once again, I increased the interest rate for my auto-invest on this platform, as there are now loans yielding 15% !



My Swaper portfolio was also stable; the XIRR for May was 12.12%, nearly identical to April’s 12.09%



Grupeer was another portfolio with a quasi identical performance compared to last month. XIRR was 14.68%, compared to 14.66% in April.



As usual, my Bondora portfolio had a terrible month; XIRR dropped from 7.00% to 6.61%.



In May, my Omaraha portfolio suffered a bad counter-performance, due to a large number of defaults. The resulting XIRR is now 19.72%, down from 19.90%. I managed to invest large sums during the month, at great interest rates.

Please note that Omaraha has rather discretely increased fees for Estonian loans; they climbed from 20% to 30%.



My DoFinance XIRR decreased slightly; it was down from 10.76% to 10.69%



The performance of my Robocash portfolio improved slightly; XIRR increased from 11.59% to 11.67%.



Thanks to Bondora‘s awful performance, Investly didn’t record the worst XIRR of my loans portfolio in May; its performance actually increased slightly, from 7.61% to 7.82%.



The XIRR for my FinBee increased a bit in May; it was 12.74% in early June, compared to 12.63% last month.



May was another down month for Monestro; XIRR was 7.45%, down from 7.63%.



My Crowdestor portfolio had an XIRR of 15.53%, slightly down from April’s 15.87%. A large number of projects were available in May, and I plan to increase this portfolio in June.



XIRR at Envestio reached an all-time high of 17.10%, up from April’s already excellent 16.71%. Several large projects got released last month, but most of them filled up very quickly.



The performance of my Iuvo portfolio was slightly down in May, dropping from 12.71% to 12.60%.



Because not all my projects yield interests monthly, the XIRR of my EstateGuru portfolio evolves in a cyclical manner. After reaching a peak of 10.62% last month, it decreased to 9.68%.

Fast Invest


After a deceiving performance last month, my Fast Invest portfolio performed better; the XIRR is now 11.48%, up from 10.54%.



The XIRR for my Ekassa portfolio decreased from 7.51% to 7.24%; it’s partially due to the fact that interests don’t get re-invested.



My Kuetzal portfolio behaved well in May, with an XIRR increasing from 14.48% to 14.61%. Many new projects were released (and are still partially available), so I invested all the funds in my portfolio with a satisfying level of diversification.

Other platforms

As usual I can’t compute an XIRR for CrowdEstate and BulkEstate. I plan to start publishing returns for Bondster and PeerBerry portfolios next month, as well as maybe for Debitum Network.

Global portfolio performance


My global performance (which is the weighted average of individual XIRR for each platform) was very slightly down, as it decreased from 15.45% to 15.44%.

Peer-to-peer lending platforms


Overall the returns for most platforms in this category are rather regular. Omaraha is obviously the best performer, and explains the relatively high global performance of my loans portfolio. On the other hand, the decreasing returns at Bondora (which weighs nearly as much as Grupeer) brings the overall returns down.

Business and real-estate crowdlending platforms


While these figures don’t include CrowdEstate and BulkEstate, they give a realistic picture of the kind of returns investors can obtain by investing in these loans.

Current allocation

Last month my allocation between platform nearly didn’t change, excepted for the 2 new platforms and a tiny increase of my Crowdestor‘s portfolio.

New platforms

Viventor should be my next review, as well as PeerBerry.

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