Crowd-lending portfolio review for September 2018

Website changes​

Several changes happened on Alternative Investments’ website :

  • I finally took the time to update Bondora‘s review
  • There’s a new article on easy ways to invest : one-click investing. It compares DoFinance, Bondora’s Go & Grow and Mintos predefined strategies
  • I funded an account at EstateGuru and wrote the review of this real-estate platform, which looks like an excellent complement to CrowdEstate
  • Finally, I played a bit with the site’s design, improving reviews readability

Individual platforms performance

September was another quiet month; returns were overall comparable to last month.


Omaraha‘s XIRR was very slightly up, at 19.70% versus 19.53% last month. I keep on withdrawing money from this platform, in order to diversify my portfolio. I’ll mostly redistribute it between real-estate platforms, the first one being Envestio. My plan is to reduce Omaraha’s size by 50%, so it only weighs 20% of my portfolio (as opposed to 60% at some point !)


Bondora‘s ever-dropping returns are of course down again. The XIRR is still above 10%, but for how long ? It was 10.22%, down from 10.72% in August. I once more withdrew available funds, although it may actually be a better idea to reinvest them in order to at least get some profit.


Grupeer‘s XIRR was slightly down again, at 14.48% compared to 14.76% previously. I didn’t add any more fund, as I reached my target allocation (around 20%).


Returns at Mintos increased slightly, in spite of the lowered interest rates. September’s value was 13.08%, while last month’s was 12.97%


Swaper seems to suffer of a small cash drag nowadays; the XIRR for this portfolio was down to 11.94%, versus 12.18% in August.


Robocash‘s XIRR also decreased, from 13.04% to 12.92%. As noted in last month’s review, part of this decreased returns is caused by the new installment loans, which only reimburse interests at the end of the loan. Also, the platform seems a bit concerned about having too many investors for the available loans amount, as they stopped accepting new affiliation links.


XIRR for my DoFinance portfolio decreased from 12.10% to 11.88%. As noted last month, I expect it to keep on decreasing, as I had to start a new investment term with lowered interest rates.


Investly‘s XIRR is getting worse and worse, dropping from 7.94% to 7.76%. The difference from last months is that nearly all my funds are now invested, as I decreased my auto-invest target rates.


Crowdestor‘s XIRR rised from 14.15% to 14.90%. Once again, this doesn’t reflect the actual performance of the portfolio, as the interests get paid at the beginning of the month while I compute the returns at the end of the month. Right after receiving the interests, my XIRR reached 17% !


Statistics for my Envestio portfolio suffer the same bias : at the end of the month, my XIRR was lower than the previous month, at 14.88% versus 16.45%. Moreover, I didn’t immediately invest the cash I transferred from other platforms, as I want to invest gradually; this idle amount also lowered my XIRR. This portfolio it at about 50% of my target size, so I’ll keep on moving funds there.

Other companies

As usual, I’m still unable to produce realistic returns for CrowdEstate and BulkEstate. I expect to be able to do so in October.

Global portfolio performance

This value is the average of the XIRR for each company, weighted by its amount. It decreased from 15.97% to 15.81%, as I moved funds out of over-performing Omaraha.

XIRR evolution​

All displayed returns were computed using the method outlined in this article. Omaraha still produces the best returns, followed by Grupeer, Crowdestor and Envestio.

Current allocation

In addition funding my EstateGuru account, I greatly increased the size of my Envestio portfolio, nearly doubling it. I’ll keep on doing so in the next months, as well as investing in real-estate projects that seem interesting on other platforms.

New platforms​

Now that I published EstateGuru’s review, I can focus on writing the review for Iuvo, where I opened an account last month. I’m still trying to get reliable informations about a new real-estate platform, but communication with them is hard so it takes time.

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