Crowd-lending portfolio review for September 2019

Website changes

In September I kept on migrating reviews to the new format, using this as an opportunity to update the information.

I also expanded the documentation by adding a new page detailing the step-by-step investment process using Monethera. It’s something I’ve wanted to create for a long time but I always forgot to make the necessary screenshots. I finally managed to remember to take them when I signed up at Monethera, so I used this platform as an example.

Finally, there’s only one new review this month : Wisefund.


Wisefund is the most recent review of a long string of business/real-estate crowdlending platforms. The loans are highly speculative, with interest rates close to 20%; for now, the main drawbacks I see are the lack of a track record and the large fees for early exit.

Noteworthy news from the crowdlending world

In case you missed them, here’s a summary of the important news you should be aware of.


There’s yet another promotion campaign at EstateGuru for the month of October ! It unfortunately only targets new investors.

By signing up using the links provided in the review, you’ll get a 1% investment bonus; it is effective for 30 days. Once the initial 30 days have passed, EstateGuru will continue to give you a 0.5% bonus for two more months. All investments must be funded and the collected bonus will be added as a one time payment to investor’s accounts after the end of the campaign period in 7 days.

Also, EstateGuru has introduced a secondary market feature; I still have to update the review to reflect this.


DoFinance‘s current promotion is valid even for existing investors !

All new investments made until 01.11.2019 (with a minimum term of 6 months) will get a 1,5% cashback bonus! This means that now with DoFinance it is possible to earn up to 13,5% annually! This offer will be valid for all programs, except the 4% and 5% auto-invest programs. All the investor needs to do – transfer new funds and make a new investment. The bonus is usually added to the investors account in up to two working days after the investment has been made.


Another offer for new investors : by signing up by using the review link, they will get a Swaper Loyalty Bonus (+2%) on all investments made during the first three months. This means that instead of a 12% profit, they will earn 14% ! The bonus will be activated after first successful payment. In case their account value stays under € 5,000 after three months, the bonus will be revoked.

Please be aware that several investors reported that they didn’t manage to invest all their funds; apparently the campaign caused the demand for loans to become larger than the loans supply.


It’s Viventor‘s turn to switch to another bank; don’t forget to update the information at your online bank if you use one !

Individual platforms performance​​

As I previously announced, I don’t detail variations for every platform anymore. Only notable variations or noteworthy changes on the platform are commented.

Graphical overview



September was another terrible month for my Bondora portfolio; it’s the only platform where I actually lose money month after month. The performance has dropped to 5.31%, even worse than last month’s 5.62%.



My performance at Bondster is still desperately low; it actually even decreased, from 8.40% to 8.21%.



My already great returns at Crowdestor managed to get even better; the XIRR reached 16.99%, up from 16.75% last month. Many great projects were published in September, and I once more increased my portfolio’s size.

Debitum Network


September saw a net increase for my Debitum Network performance; it went up from 7.81% to 8.53%.



The performance of my Envestio portfolio is very stable, at 17.30%. September saw more projects that this summer.

Fast Invest


The performance of my Fast Invest portfolio increased again in September; it reached 12.38%, slightly up from 12.22%. There’s still some room for improvement as all loans in my portfolio yield 13%.



The value of my FinBee portfolio suffered a large drop in September, and so did the XIRR; it went from 12.13% to 11.59%. I didn’t have time to investigate this, but it obviously seems to be a bit weird.



Because of the low volume of projects, my XIRR at Flender went down from 7.53% to 7.19%.



Yet another excellent month at Kuetzal ! The XIRR increased from 16.27% to 16.77%. It’s too bad the loans volume has decreased lately..



Interest rates kept on decreasing at Mintos; as I’m writing this portfolio review, the highest rates found for guaranteed Euro loans are a very low 10% – compared to 14% or more this summer ! As the interest rates at most competitors remain stable we’ll have to see if they stay at this level at Mintos. Surprisingly, my performance for this portfolio actually increased, as it reached 13.30% – compared to 13.22% in late August -.



I actually wandered if Monestro was still in business as there hasn’t been any new loan since last summer. I sent them an e-mail inquiring about the situation, and apparently they plan to resume offering loans at the end of the year (!). Performance-wise, my returns decreased a bit as I can’t invest anymore; the XIRR dropped from 7.48% to 7.38%



My Monethera portfolio is currently the second best – after Omaraha -, with an XIRR of 18.88%. It’s an excellent result; moreover, new projects were launched in September, so I increased my portfolio’s size.



My XIRR at TFGcrowd reached 14.04%; it’s lower than the offered interest rates as I had idle funds – I wired money for several projects ahead of time instead of doing so after each project opens. Like Monethera and Wisefund, I will grow this portfolio again as new opportunities are launched.



It looks like my Viventor portfolio finally found its cruising pace; the XIRR reached 13.73%, a very large increase from last month’s 11.78%.



The XIRR for my very recent Wisefund portfolio is currently 11.20%. Like for TFGcrowd, it’s lower than its optimal value as I have a few idle funds which I wired for future projects.

Global portfolio performance


My current global XIRR (which now includes all platforms) stands at 13.76%; it’s up from last month’s 13.65%. In spite of the decreasing performance at Bondora, the excellent returns of my real-estate and business crowdlending platforms helped boost my overall returns.

Peer-to-peer lending platforms


Once again, Bondora‘s terrible performance lowers the returns for the whole category. Indeed, the XIRR decreased from 14.17% to 14.01%.

Real-estate & business crowdlending platforms


Thanks to my most recent portfolios (TFGcrowd and Monethera) which display an excellent performance, the XIRR for my business and real-estate loans portfolio increased in September (from 13.02%).

Current allocation

In September I withdrew funds from Omaraha, as usual; this platform now weighs around 25% of my portfolio, down from more than 60% ! My maximal size for any given platform is 15%, so I will keep on decreasing it; I also withdrew from Grupeer, which exceeded this threshold.

Part of these funds were reallocated between my most recent portfolios : Monethera, TFGcrowd and Wisefund; I also greatly increased the size of my Crowdestor portfolio.

New platforms

I didn’t open any new account in September, but I finally funded my Lenndy account. At first glance the platform is user-friendly, and is roughly similar to PeerBerry in term of returns.

The next review is PeerBerry; it’s been nearly ready for some time, but I was waiting for answers from the platform… which were actually sitting in my mailbox. I somehow missed them; sometimes traveling and blogging don’t mix well !

Other long overdue reviews include ReInvest24 and Debitum Network.

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