FinBee Review

FinBee’s overview

FinBee provides both individual and business loans. Interest rates are usually rather high (more than 20% on some loans), but there’s no buyback guarantee. While the platform is easy to use, it takes some guessing to eventually get a great performance.

My opinion on FinBee

While FinBee doesn’t offer a buyback guarantee, this platform is a great complement to Mintos, as is Iuvo. However, *Viventor, Fast Invest and Bondster remain my top choices in this regard, as the returns for these platforms are more predictable.

Detailed ratings

Interest rates

The interest rates are rather high, but don’t forget that these loans are unsecured.

Loans liquidity

There’s no loans shortage on FinBee.


Available statistics are useful but could be expanded.

Buyback guarantee

There’s no buyback guarantee.

Website ergonomics

FinBee‘s website is well designed and overall easy to use.

FinBee’s pros & cons


  • High interest rates
  • Some business loans are secured by a collateral


  • Lack of buyback guarantee
  • Secondary market isn’t free

Loans characteristics

Loans duration

1 month to 1 year

More than 1 year

Loans kind



Minimal investment


Buyback guarantee

NO buyback guarantee



FinBee’s loans overview

FinBee provides unsecured loans in Euro. Interest rates vary greatly, currently from 13% to 27%; most loans are rather long, with durations up to 60 months.

While the number of loans available at the same time is lower than for most competitors, liquidity usually isn’t a concern.

An excerpt of FinBee's loans list
An excerpt of FinBee's loans list

Note that there’s a 15% income tax, deducted from the interests you’ll get from the platform. It’s theoretically possible to avoid this, but I didn’t bother.

Buyback guarantee

FinBee doesn’t provide a buyback guarantee. When one loan defaults, it goes through a rather lengthy recovery process.

Recovery history for one of my FinBee loans
Recovery history for one of my FinBee loans

Overall, this platform seems to handle default much better than Bondora; 56% of the amount of loans defaulted in 2016 got recovered, and 40% from 2017 loans; these figures are expected to grow. It’s also worth noting that the default rate for business loans is very low (1.85%).

Due to the lack of a buyback guarantee, it takes some time to know in which loans you’re comfortable investing in. I wouldn’t recommend FinBee for beginner investors.

Platform’s features

Secondary market

Secondary market available


Auto-invest available

FinBee’s Secondary market

FinBee offers the opportunity to resell your loans on a secondary market. Unlike most competitors, use of secondary market isn’t free; indeed, there’s an associated 1% fee.

Manual investing

It’s possible to invest manually through the loans list; however, as with all P2P platform, I strongly advise to use the auto-invest feature in order to get a diversified portfolio.

FinBee’s Auto-invest feature

There are three pre-defined settings, based on the associated risk levels : conservative, balanced and progressive. It’s possible to tweak them further, using filters commonly found. These include :

  • Loan type : business or individual
  • Loan’s term and amount
  • Interest rate
  • Borrower’s rating, age and gender
FinBee's auto-invest configuration
FinBee's auto-invest configuration

Website’s ease of use


English, Lithuanian

Funding methods

Available languages & translations quality

FinBee‘s website is available in English and Lithuanian. Overall the English translation is very good.

Registration process

Investors will need to provide more details than for most competitors, but overall the process still feels quick and easy.

Account funding and funds withdrawal

The only way to add add funds to your account is via a SEPA transfer.

Website’s design and ergonomics

FinBee‘s website has a clean design and is easy to navigate.


The dashboard is rather complete. While many data are downloadable as a Excel file, there’s usually no way to customize date ranges or filter data.

Actual performance of my FinBee portfolio


At the end of décembre 2020, XIRR for my FinBee portfolio reached 10,03%; check out the latest portfolio review for details, including charts showing historical performance and competitors performance.

For a long time I used rather conservative settings for my auto-invest. I switch to a more aggressive profile in late 2018, which should result in higher returns.

FinBee’s main competitors

FinBee‘s main competitors are Bondster, Fast Invest, Omaraha, Mintos, Iuvo and Bondora.

Due to the lack of a buyback guarantee, I would mostly recommend FinBee to intermediate or advanced investors, just like Iuvo. Investors who want to invest in secured loans (and thus have a more predictable performance) are better off investing at Fast Invest or Bondster.

FinBee’s facts and figures


Vilnius, Lithuania

Number of investors

12 038

As of March 2019

Who can invest

To invest through FinBee, investors must be at least 18 years old, have a bank account in European Union and have valid personal document.
FinBee FAQ


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