Grupeer review : high returns with little effort

Grupeer review : high returns with little effort

Grupeer’s overview

Grupeer provides business and real-estate loans. These loans yield between 10% and 13% annually, for a duration of one year or less. They come with a buyback guarantee, a rare occurrence for these kinds of loans !

My opinion on Grupeer

Grupeer keeps getting better and better ! It is my favorite P2P lending platform for secured loans. While the interest rates have decreased in late 2018, their secured loans yielding 14% interest are still very interesting; in addition, the improved loans supply means that cash drags are now unlikely. Overall, this platform allows to have excellent returns while spending very little time managing your loans portfolio.

Detailed ratings

Interest rates

If I regret the large volume of loans yielding 15% that were previously available, it’s still possible to invest in long-term loans yielding 14%.

Loans liquidity

There are more and more originators offering large loans.


Can we please see our XIRR ?

Buyback guarantee

Both principal and interests are guaranteed after a 60 days delay.

Website ergonomics

Grupeer‘s website is simple but works well !

Grupeer’s pros & cons


  • Great interests rates
  • Large loans volumes
  • Several originators available allow to diversify your portfolio
  • Even development projects are covered by the buyback guarantee
  • Frequent cash-back campaigns allow you to make an additional 1%


  • No secondary market
  • Portfolio statistics could be richer
  • Support needs to be improved

Loans characteristics

Interest rates

10% – 14%

Loans duration

1 month to 1 year

Loans kind



Minimal investment


Buyback guarantee

Buyback guarantee available



Grupeer’s loans overview

Grupeer provides only secured loans in Euro. Initially the loans supply was very scarce, and my original review showed a screenshot of the five available loans as I wrote it !

Fortunately, things have changed for the best and there are now many loans to invest into. Many of them offer annual rates of 13% for a duration of less than one year; the lowest interest rate found on the platform is 10%, and they can reach 14%.

The large loans amount and volume usually means that investors are usually unlikely to have liquidity’s concerns. However, as of late October 2018, all loans were sold out. New loans were added in November, with lower interest rates though : most of them yielded 12%. In December, the situation was basically normal again, with 13% loans being readily available.

Grupeer's loans list
Grupeer’s available loans

Loans originators

There are many originators[?] available. This allows you to diversify your portfolio by spreading your investments among several originators. Clicking on a originator’s name will give you details about the loan, especially the buyback conditions.

Like several competitors, Grupeer uses a mechanism called “skin in the game”, which means that the originator has to keep a part of the loan (5% at Grupeer). If you look at a project’s details, you will notice that if for example the loan amount is €200 000, the initial available amount is only €190 000 – 95% of the loan amount -. The originator itself has invested the remaining 5%. This mechanism encourages the originators to provide quality loans, as they will be directly impacted if the borrower defaults !

Business loans or development projects ?

Loan deals and development projects offer similar expected returns and durations; however, the financed amounts are much larger for development projects.

Until recently, most financed projects were located in the Baltic states; the largest project financed through the platform was Promenada, a real-estate project.

One of Grupeer’s development projects

However, Grupeer has since started listing projects in Norway. Named Eidsvoll and Svolvaer, they were larger than €500 000. While their interest rate was lower than usual, at only 13% (compared to 15% for the previous projects), investors from Western Europe may enjoy the focus on locations closer to them, which them may perceive as safer.

Another recent change is the availability of amortizing loans; these loans are less risky, as the capital is reimbursed gradually, instead of being repaid totally at maturity date.

All projects are described in great details, as can be partially seen on the above screenshot.

Grupeer’s buyback guarantee

Grupeer was among the first platforms to offer a buyback guarantee for development projects and business loans; this guarantee indeed used to be available only for personal loans.

Buyback usually happens when loans are 60 days late or more. However, it may happen earlier for some loans; for example, one of the loans issued by Russian originator Finsputnik Platforma SIA will trigger the buyback after only 15 days ! The investor will be compensated for the outstanding principal and accrued interest that didn’t get reimbursed. Until now, none of my loans has defaulted. Note that buyback guarantee also covers the current development projects.

As mentioned before, you can find the buyback information on the loan’s detailed description.

Cash-back campaigns​

Grupeer used to regularly run cash-back campaigns, meaning they credit your account with a small percent of your new investments in specified loans. Usually, they give back 1% of the amount invested in selected loans. The loans featuring this offer are highlighted by a blue € icon (see for example Primo Invest SIA in the loans list screenshot above).

In 2018, such campaigns were not frequent; however, in 2019 there were many of them, usually to encourage investors to try out new originators. For example, as I’m updating this article in late April 2019, there are loans from PlanetaCash that yield 13% annually, but with an added 2% cashback, the returns are boosted to an excellent 15% !

Platform’s features

Secondary market

NO secondary market


Auto-invest available

Secondary market

There’s currently no secondary market; it’s supposed to arrive soon but the release date keeps on slipping so don’t hold your breath !

Manual investing

It’s extremely easy to invest manually via Grupeer; that’s actually how I manage my portfolio there. From the loans list, just click “Invest”, select the amount and validate. The loan will be added to your basket at the top of the screen. Once you’ve selected all loans to invest in, click on the basket icon and confirm your investments.

Auto-invest feature

In May 2018, Grupeer added an auto-investing feature to their website. The initial version was rather basic, allowing few filters. However, it’s been revamped in November 2018, and now offers many more criteria – including the opportunity to invest only in the newly introduced amortizing loans -. It’s also possible to use several auto-invest at the same time.

Grupeer's auto-invest screen
Grupeer’s auto-invest screen

I mostly regret the lack of an auto-diversification feature, like the one Mintos offers. Also, ironically, the FAQ mentions the secondary market, which doesn’t exist yet.

Website’s ease of use


English, Русский, Deutsch, Français, Español

Funding methods

Available languages & translations quality

The website is available into many languages : English, Russian, German, French and Spanish; however, the translation’s quality varies greatly from one language to another. While the English version is spotless, the French translation is sometimes weird; several parts didn’t even get translated.

Registration process

Creating an account with Grupeer is extremely quick and easy; the amount of required information is very limited. However, due to the KYC (Know Your Costumer) regulations, you’ll be required to indicate the origin of funds and upload a copy of some identification.

Grupeer’s registration screen

After confirming your e-mail, your account is immediately available.

Account funding and funds withdrawal

It’s possible to fund your account either via SEPA transfer, or via Transferwise. SEPA transfer are handled very quickly; funds are usually available on my investment account two days after I initiate the transfer.

Similarly, withdrawals via a SEPA transfer usually appear on my bank account after two business days.

Website’s design and ergonomics

Their website is rather basic but works well. It’s very readable and the menus are straightforward; even on a mobile phone, it’s a pleasure to use it ! However, I noticed a small glitch when investing from my mobile phone; it may be difficult to confirm investments. There’s supposed to be a blue icon at the top of the screen, but it doesn’t appear on my phone. I have to click on the “Grupeer” logo to switch to a page where it’s visible !


The lack of an XIRR computation is annoying. Apart from this negative aspect, again thanks to the small amount of loans, there’s no need for much reporting. However, what I would love to see is a breakdown of my investments by originator. This would allow investors to check if their portfolio is diversified enough.


The How it works page introducing the platform is well designed and informative; in addition, the FAQ is rather complete – although it could be improved by dividing it into small sections -.


it’s possible to get in touch with Grupeer via phone or e-mail.

I contacted the support several times by e-mail after suffering technical problems, one of which was rather serious – I was unable to invest either manually or automatically, and my account’s balance was totally wrong -. While my troubles always got resolved, I was unfortunately only mildly satisfied with the delays in answering, as well as by the answer itself. I thus consider the support to be one of Grupeer’s weak points.

Communication from the platform​

Investors will receive notifications from Grupeer when payments are made. Initially this aspect was poorly handled, as Grupeer sent one e-mail for each payment. Now all data is grouped together in a neat e-mail, so it’s much easier to understand what’s happening with your account

Grupeer’s payment notification

They will also periodically send out balance reports; investors will also be notified of important projects or new originators.

Actual performance of my Grupeer portfolio

Grupeer‘s website unfortunately doesn’t provide us with any XIRR computation. I thus had to compute it manually; it resulted in a nice value of 14.68% at the end of May 2019 !

In 2018 I mostly invested in loans yielding 14%, and boosted my returns through cashback campaigns. I unfortunately expect the portfolio’s performance do decrease a bit, as in 2019 most loans I invest in yield only 13%.

Grupeer’s main competitors

Their main competitors are CrowdEstate, Envestio, Crowdestor, BulkEstate and EstateGuru.

One of Grupeer‘s main strengths compared to its rivals is the buyback guarantee; it compensates the slightly lower returns. Also, Grupeer’s loans are more uniform : they all have basically the same yield and duration. It makes it very easy to invest there.

What Grupeer lacks is a secondary market, which several competitors provide.

Performance-wise, Grupeer’s returns should be below what I achieve with my portfolios at Envestio or Crowdestor; it’s the price to pay for the buyback guarantee and less risky loans ! On the other hand, CrowdEstate and EstateGuru offer lower interest rates for their real-estate loans, but have a longer history of successfully reimbursed projects and a larger loans volume.

Grupeer’s facts and figures


Riga, Latvia

Founded in


Number of investors

10 219

Loans amount financed

€ 44 864 601

Historical return


As of June 2019

Who can invest

Persons that have reached the age of 18 years and are residents of the countries of the European Economic Area or Switzerland and have an account with a licensed credit institution of one of these countries.

The persons that have a bank account in another country need to receive an additional confirmation from the Platform that we are ready to accept a payment from the jurisdiction they offer.

Grupeer FAQ


Please note that this review may contain affiliate links. It means that I will earn a commission if you decide to invest after clicking through the link – at no additional cost to you, of course -. Please understand that I have experienced all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the commissions I make if you decide to invest through my links.

4 thoughts on “Grupeer review : high returns with little effort”

  1. Hello,

    Do you have any updates after a while investing in it? Grupeer provides great return with buy-back (it is almost the same yield as some other platforms provides non-collateral loans). It is interesting if you see any risks in investing? To my opinion, there’s not much experience with loan originators bankruptcy and whether investors receive all invested amount. We are not able to check who are the final loan receivers so we need to trust in loan originators financial condition. What is more, have you seen any forums or/and investors chats where they shares its’ experience in investing in grupeer? Except this, p2p hero and welltrado articles , I have not seen any more discussions among usual investors. Buy-back is a very good stuff, however investors must not take it as 100 % guarantee (please check Mintos – Eurocent case). Good luck ! Will wait more post about grupeer platform which is comparable very profitable in EU market.

    • Hello,

      Grupeer is one of my favorite P2P platforms. The returns are very consistent, there’s no shortage of loans and the regular cash-back offers make it even more attractive. After a bit less than one year, my XIRR is consistently above 14%. The availability of several originators also helps mitigate the risk; diversification among several issuers is a must as buyback is indeed not an absolute guarantee. Note that I mostly focus on their loans yielding 14%, as I don’t totally trust the Russian originator. Which brings me to the next topic…

      I totally agree with your comment regarding the need to check the originator’s finance; however they’re seldom available, so we must rely on the platform to select trustworthy originators. Mintos implemented more severe screening after the Eurocent troubles, and other P2P platforms also did so. I honestly don’t believe that investors will get all their funds back in case an originator goes down. However it’s just part of the risk of investing; most P2P platforms have returns above 12% in a much more consistent way than, say, the stock market, so it’s normal to have some risk associated !

      Finally, back to Grupeer again, I also read very few reviews of this platform elsewhere, and I was curious about it. One P2P investor I contacted about it was concerned about the small amounts available; he prefers to invest in larger companies, which are supposedly more reliable.

      • Thanks Jerome for your insights! One more thing, do you trust in the platform itself? I mean just very few investors know about it and no active communication can be found – it makes a feeling that it is very new and risky. Did you have a chance to check their management reputation (maybe had a direct contact with them)?
        I invested approx. in 20 loans and will observe the situation before investing more.

        • I know that several other bloggers in the P2P lending area partially evaluate a platform’s trustworthiness by communicating with their management. However, I tend to dismiss such criteria. Indeed, nowadays it’s very easy to build websites that look extremely convincing while being actually very shady. Look at how many people invested in bogus ICOs after reading a well-crafted whitepaper ! While I agree that it’s a slightly different situation, this example incites me to disregard appearances and focus only on the returns that my small initial investment yields.

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