Iuvo review

Iuvo’s overview

Iuvo is a marketplace for peer-to-peer loans. It focuses on investments safety, as the loan originators A loan originator is the firm that originally provides the loan to the borrower.
They usually lend a small percent of the amount using their own funds, while the
remaining is put on sale on loans marketplaces. The part of the loan kept by the
originator is called called skin in the game; it’s typically 5%-10% of the
loan amount, and is supposed to encourage originators to provide quality loans.
available all seem to be very solid. Of course, the downside of this increased safety will be lower returns than at most competitors.

My opinion on Iuvo

As several platforms are under suspicion in early 2020, Iuvo‘s focus on reliable loan originators makes it an excellent choice for investors concerned about the safety of their investments. The platform’s main drawback is of course the reduced returns incurred by having only quality originators.

Detailed ratings

Actual performance

Taking into account the reliability of most loan originators on the platform, I consider that the portfolio’s performance is rather good.

Loans liquidity

A large volume of loans is available on the platform.


Reporting is simple but rather complete.

Transparency & reliability

Iuvo’s very strict selection process for loan originators and great transparency set the bar very high.

Website ergonomics

Iuvo’s website is rather user-friendly.

Iuvo’s pros & cons


  • Excellent selection of reliable loan originators
  • Large volume loans


  • Buyback doesn’t cover interests
  • Secondary market isn’t free
  • Returns are lower than for most competitors – that’s the price to pay for increased safety ! –

Loans characteristics

Loans duration

Short-term : one month or less

Medium-term : one month to one year

Long-term : more than one year

Loans kinds



Minimal investment

€ 10

Buyback guarantee

Buyback guarantee available


EUR – Euro

PLN – Polish Zloty

BGN – Bulgarian Lev

RON – Romanian Lei

Overview of Iuvo’s loans

Several currencies are supported on Iuvo : in addition to Euro, it’s also possible to invest in BGN (Bulgarian Lev), RON (Romanian Lei) or PLN (Polish zloty). As usual, I’ll focus on Euro loans here.

As of August 2020, interest rates for Euro loans range from 5% to 15%; the interest rates for lowest-rated loans are roughly at the same level as last year. An overwhelming majority of these loans are personal loans; there are short-term loans (two months) as well as long-term ones (three years)

Part of Iuvo's loans list

Various reimbursement schedules are available, including weekly reimbursement; different loans structures are available as well.

Loans are granted a credit rating, from A (highest rating) to F (lowest rating) and HR (High risk). The default probabilities for each of these ratings can be found in the platform’s FAQ.

Loans volume

Although the volume of BGL loans is more important than for Euro loans, there’s no shortage of these.

Loan originators

Iuvo currently lists loans from ten originators, which is much less than at Mintos or Viventor, but enough to diversify your loans portfolio. The most recent originator to join Iuvo was iCredit Poland. This company is part of Management Financial Group, which also owns Iuvo.

Iuvo's originators list
Iuvo's originators list

For each of them, detailed information is available. Financial statements are also available for all originators, which is a much welcome transparency.

Details about one of Iuvo's originators
Details about one of Iuvo's originators

Unlike Mintos, the platform currently doesn’t provide a rating for the originators; instead, they rate the loans. However, Iuvo’s criterion for working with a new originator are very strict :

  • All originators present on the platform are profitable companies, sometimes for many years
  • The skin in the game (the part of the loan’s capital provided by the loan originator) is much higher than for most competitors. Indeed, it’s usually 5% or 10%; at Iuvo, it stands at 30% for most of them. This high requirement is an excellent incentive for them to provide quality loans, as their own capital is at stake !

In spite of this rather draconian selection process, troubles arose with two originators.

First, Iuvo ceased working with Georgian originator Business Bank Group in February 2020, after they suspended repayments. Fortunately, only 0.4% of Iuvo’s total portfolio is impacted. In addition, the platform also ran into troubles with Polish originator CBC. In spite of being granted a 3-months grace period, this originator stopped transferring loans repayments and honoring buyback guarantee.

The outcome of this situation will be a good test of the platform’s reliability.

Buyback guarantee

While Iuvo’s buyback guarantee A buyback guarantee is a guarantee provided by the platform or a loan originator.
If repayment of a loan is delayed by more than a given delay (usually 30 or 60 days),
the platform or loan originator will buy back the loan. The guarantee may cover only
part of the capital, or in a much more interesting case, both the capital and accrued
interests. As the conditions vary from one platform to another, it’s very important
to check this point.
covers all loans on the platform, I have two critics towards the platform’s buyback policy :

  • The buyback delay is variable : either 16, 30 or 60 days depending on the originator. Most loan originators only offer a 60 days delay.
  • More importantly, the buyback guarantee doesn’t cover the interests. This means that although investors won’t lose money if a borrower is late or defaults, the performance of their loans portfolio will be less predictable.

One exception to the latter point is the newly added NordCard, which provides what Iuvo calls a “payment guarantee”. It means that in the event of default in repayment of a loan, both the principal and interest due under the repayment schedule will be paid upon its buyback.

Platform’s transparency and reliability

A large part of Iuvo’s team is introduced on the website. Although there’s no direct link to their LinkedIn profile, it’s easy to check them out.

Iuvo is actually part of the large Management Financial Group, which employs more than 8,000 people. For some reason, this information isn’t stated on the platform’s website.

Overall, it’s hard not to appreciate the degree of transparency of the platform; similarly, they’re regarded as highly reliable thanks the their strict selection of loan originators.

Impact of Covid-19 outbreak on Iuvo

Overall, the Covid-19 didn’t affect Iuvo much. However, as we’ve previously seen, Polish originator CBC ran into troubles in Spring 2020, undoubtedly because of the economical crisis triggered by the coronavirus spread and the subsequent lockdown.

Platform’s features

Early exit

Early exit available

Investing methods


Manual investing

Secondary market

Iuvo features a secondary market. Unlike most competitors, there’s an associated fee. It amounts to 1% for the seller.

Manual investing at Iuvo

Overall, it’s easy to invest manually at Iuvo. Many filters are available, including :

  • Loan type
  • Borrower’s credit rating
  • Interest rate
  • Status – it’s easy to overlook this one; I actually forgot to set it initially, which resulted in investing in late loans ! –
Part of Iuvo's loans list

The platform provides detailed information about the borrower, but most investors can ignore these and focus on the credit rating instead.

One possible improvement would be to speed up the filtering of the available loans. Indeed, it’s currently quite slow.


As with all peer-to-peer platforms, I strongly encourage investors to use auto-invest in order to save time. Like the filters for manual investing, it’s possible to configure the auto-invest using a large range of parameters.

An interesting feature is that it displays the number of matching loans and the available amount; this is very convenient to estimate if your whole portfolio can be invested based on your settings.

It’s possible to create several auto-invest portfolios, for example if you wish to invest in different currencies.

I would love Iuvo to incorporate a feature to diversify the portfolio among originators, such as the one provided by Mintos.

Iuvo’s currency exchange

In 2020, Iuvo implemented a currency exchange within the platform. This allows investors to easily invest in other currencies than their own.

Unfortunately, the exchange rate isn’t very appealing. Indeed, I did a quick test for a EUR/PLN conversion; at that point, the official exchange rate would turn € 100 into PLN 440.37. However, by doing the conversion on Iuvo’s currency exchange, I would only get PLN 427.34 ! The same transfer using a low-cost transfer at TransferWise would result in PLN 433.95 being transferred – nearly 2% more, and much closer to the actual exchange rate – !

Iuvo’s Gold Club

Like its competitors Swaper and PeerBerry, Iuvo offers perks for investors who deposit large sums. Swaper offers an additional 2% interest rate if the portfolio is larger than € 5,000, while PeerBerry grants between 0.5% and 1% more, depending on the portfolio size (from € 10,000 to € 40,000).

Iuvo’s Gold Club is both more restrictive and less generous. Indeed, one needs to invest at least € 25,000 to access it ! And when it comes to benefits, the least I can say is that they’re rather disappointing. They include :

  • Priority auto-invest
  • No fee for selling loans on secondary market
  • Faster deposits and withdrawals
  • Higher referral bonus

Website’s ease of use


English, German, Bulgarian, Estonian, Spanish

Funding methods

Iuvo’s registration process

It’s really trivial to create an account on Iuvo‘s platform. Very few personal information are required; also, they didn’t use a KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure when I registered, so I didn’t even have to provide a copy of an identification document.

Account funding and funds withdrawal

Website’s design and ergonomics

While I’m not fond of the green color scheme, I have to admit that Iuvo‘s website is well-designed and user-friendly.

It’s rather intuitive to use, and the large left-side menu makes navigation very easy.

Available languages & translations quality

While I cannot evaluate the quality of other translations, the English version of Iuvo‘s website is very well translated.


Iuvo‘s website feature the usual reporting pages : investments list, account statement, investments delays. Most of the output can be downloaded as Excel files.

The dashboard displays a net annual return, but it’s unclear whether it’s supposed to be actual or theoretical. As it doesn’t match my XIRR computations, it looks like it actually displays an expected return based your portfolio’s interest rate.

One missing feature is a graphical portfolio overview; this would allow to easily evaluate the level of diversification.


Apart from a useful FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), there’s little documentation available.


There’s a contact form available on the website; it’s also possible to get in touch with Iuvo by e-mail or phone.

Communication from the platform​

Iuvo regularly sends a newsletter that’s rather informative. Most notification are configurable, so it’s possible to avoid cluttering your e-mail with daily account summaries.

Actual performance of my Iuvo portfolio


At the end of February 2022, the XIRR for my Iuvo portfolio was 8,91%.

While the buyback guarantee doesn't cover interests, the performance of my Iuvo platform is good; I actually expected it to be lower. However, it may decrease in 2020, as the interest rates on the platform are down from last year.

Don't hesitate to read my most recent crowdlending portfolio review for detailed platforms performance comparison as well as historical performance.

Portfolio creation date

I created my Iuvo portfolio in July 2018.

Iuvo's main competitors

For a detailed comparison of the different p2p-lending marketplaces, check out this article.

Iuvo's facts & figures


Tallinn, Estonia

Founded in


Number of investors


Loans amount financed

€ 133,994,028

As of August 2020

Who can invest at Iuvo

The individuals must be at least 18 years old, and they need to have a valid bank account within the European Union or third countries that are currently considered as having equivalent AML/CFT systems to the EU. For the companies it is required to have a valid bank account within the European Union or third countries that are currently considered as having equivalent AML/CFT systems to the EU.

Iuvo FAQ


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