Kuetzal review

Kuetzal review

Kuetzal’s overview

Kuetzal is a crowdlending platform for business and real-estate projects. Most investments yield interest rates higher than 15%, for duration of one year and more.

My opinion on Kuetzal

For investors who can accept to take some risks by investing in speculative loans, Kuetzal is a great complement to Envestio, CrowdEstate and Crowdestor.

Detailed ratings

Interest rates

Interest rates are great; however, investors should keep in mind that several projects aren’t covered by a buyback guarantee.

Loans liquidity

The loans amounts are rather large, but there aren’t many of them.


Statistics are currently very basic.

Buyback guarantee

For selected projects, the capital is secured by a buyback guarantee after a 60 days delay.

Website ergonomics

The website is rather simple but pleasant to use.

Kuetzal’s pros & cons


  • Kuetzal Care guarantee means that these projects will get funded
  • Very interesting returns


  • Minimal investment amount is €100 per project
  • Not all projects are covered by the buyback guarantee

Special offer

By investing more than €1000 at Kuetzal, you will get some cashback. The cashback level depends on the invested amount; it starts at 1% for €1000 investments, and may be as high as 3% for investments larger than €50000. This offer is valid until August 31st, 2019.

Loans characteristics

Interest rates

6% – 21%

Loans duration

More than 1 year

Loans kind



Minimal investment


Buyback guarantee

Buyback guarantee available



Overview of Kuetzal’s loans

All loans are in Euro, with durations between 12 months and 48 months. Most of them have fixed interest rates, ranging from 11% to 21%. There used to be one loan offering variable returns, but the mechanism was unclear and it seems to have been converted to a fixed interest rate instead.

The amount financed varies greatly from one project to another, but most are at least €100 000. As of May 2019, the total value of the available projects is more than five million euros !

While the website provides an indication of the amount already financed, the deadline for the projects doesn’t appear anywhere.

Current loans mostly finance Latvian companies, although one of them is for a UK firm. The projects financed belong to various sectors :

  • real-estate
  • online payment solutions
  • trailer and truck reseller
  • crypto-mining
Kuetzal’s loans list

One interesting aspect is that projects covered by the Kuetzal Care feature (currently all of them) are guaranteed to be funded. Another advantage is that interests are computed from the day the investment is made; there’s no need to wait for complete funding.

Minimal investment amount per project is €100, identical to the amount for many competitors. However, the invested amount doesn’t have to be a multiple of €100, which is nice when it comes to re-investing interests.

Overall, Kuetzal looks a lot like Crowdestor and Envestio in terms of financed projects and returns.

Kuetzal’s buyback guarantee

Kuetzal‘s website initially provided few details on this essential aspect. Fortunately, since the last update, a matching item has been added to the FAQ.

The buyback guarantee is available on most projects. It provides two main benefits :

  • opportunity to sell your investment back to the platform (see Early exit below).
  • guarantee to get your money back, at most 2 months after a default

Platform’s features

Early exit

NO early exit for selected loans


NO auto-invest

Early exit

Kuetzal doesn’t offer a secondary market. However, investments that come with a buyback guarantee can be withdrawn from, although there’s a steep 10% associated fee. There used to be a small bit of confusion regarding the name of this feature (it was called Investment Return in the FAQ), but now the same term is used everywhere.

Manual investing

Overall, investing manually at Kuetzal is straightforward. The only small annoyance is that it’s impossible to open several tabs on your browser in order to view multiple projects at the same time.

The descriptions for the projects are detailed and easy to read.

Kuetzal’s loans list

New projects are announced by e-mail, and sometimes on Kuetzal‘s Facebook page.

Auto-invest feature

Currently, only manual investing is possible. I’m not fond of auto-invest for business projects anyway; moreover, the small number of available projects makes it easy to invest manually.

Website’s ease of use


English, Spanish, German

Funding methods

Available languages & translations quality

In addition to the English translation, Kuetzal‘s website is also available in German and Spanish. Apart from a few typos that will get corrected, the English translation is great.

Kuetzal’s Registration process

Registering with Kuetzal is very quick and easy. There’s no KYC (Know Your Costumer) procedure for now, so investors don’t even need to upload a copy of their id.

Account funding

The only way to fund your account is through a SEPA transfer. For some reason, two bank accounts numbers are displayed, but only one is to be used; this is a bit confusing.

There was a slight delay in processing my deposit, but it was probably due to Christmas holidays.

Website’s design and ergonomics

Thanks to its simplicity, Kuetzal‘s website is very easy to navigate. One minor annoyance is that it’s impossible to open several projects on new tabs, as the links use JavaScript.


The reporting for investments is simple, but features a useful repayment schedule. Unfortunately, the statistics page doesn’t work.

Actual performance of my Kuetzal portfolio


At the end of June, 2019, XIRR for my Kuetzal portfolio reached 15.49%; check out the latest portfolio review for details, including charts showing historical performance and competitors performance.

Performance for new portfolios takes some time to build up, and the same holds true for my Kuetzal portfolio. However, after a few months, it’s finally starting to look great. As I only invested in projects yielding at least 15%, I expect my performance to be similar to my Envestio or Crowdestor portfolios, around 16-17%.

Kuetzal’s main competitors

Kuetzal‘s main competitors are Envestio, Crowdestor and CrowdEstate as these platforms also feature non-guaranteed or partially guaranteed loans.

In addition, Grupeer offers real-estate and business loans with a buyback guarantee. The lower returns are the price to pay for the buyback guarantee – but interest rates reaching 14%, it’s hard to complain ! -. Investors who want to start investing in loans other than individual loans should start there, before trying their hand at non-guaranteed loans.

For non-guaranteed loans, CrowdEstate‘s returns are usually lower, but this platform has been around for a long time, which gives them a lot of credibility. Envestio‘s projects are the most speculative; I really appreciate the dynamism of this platform which features many new loans frequently. They also provide a partial buyback guarantee, which is better than none !

At the same time, Kuetzal and Crowdestor are obviously also excellent choices; their projects offer great returns and provide an opportunity to diversify your portfolio. It’s always great to have more choice, and I’m thrilled to have new investment opportunities thanks to Kuetzal !

Kuetzal’s facts and figures


Tallinn, Estonia

Founded in


As of March 2019

Who can invest

There are no geographical and nationality restrictions to become an investor at Kuetzal. As a general practice, we do not accept investors as well as projects related to, or coming from blacklist countries.
Kuetzal FAQ


Please note that this review may contain affiliate links. It means that I will earn a commission if you decide to invest after clicking through the link – at no additional cost to you, of course -. Please understand that I have experienced all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the commissions I make if you decide to invest through my links.

3 thoughts on “Kuetzal review”

    • Hi Peter,

      Trouble is that the meaning of “buyback” isn’t really standardized. For a long time, most platforms used this term to denote the fact that the originator will buy back a delayed loan (for Mintos or Grupeer). But now, several companies like Fast Invest or Envestio use it to denote the ability to sell the loan back to the company.

      I’ve also been in touch with Kuetzal regarding this aspect in late December, and they confirmed that what they call buy-back is the fact that investors can sell the loan back to Kuetzal. To make things even less clear, they also call it “investment return” in other places. At the same time, I agree that according to the e-mail on your blog, this also seems to mean that investors will get their money back in case of a default; it’s unfortunate that it’s not mentioned anywhere in the FAQ (and overall that they’re not more precise regarding an important aspect of the investment).

      I’ll get in touch with them again just to make things 100% clear. Well, let’ make it 95% 🙂

      Have a great day & keep in touch


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