Mintos review

Mintos review

Mintos is absolutely great for guaranteed loans. They boast an impressive range of originators, and the website is very pleasant to use. Many people also enjoy their non-secured loans; however, for these I prefer Omaraha.


Loans duration

1 month or less
1 month - 1 year
More than one year

Loans kind


Minimal investment



Buyback guarantee available

Secondary market

Secondary market available


Auto-invest available


  • A huge quantity of loans available, for virtually any duration
  • The platform features many originators, allowing you to diversify your portfolio
  • Opportunity to invest in many countries and different currencies
  • Overall ergonomics is excellent
  • Opportunity to invest in pre-defined strategies


  • Auto-invest can be tricky to configure for beginners

Interests rate

Great interest rate for secured loans

Loans liquidity

The huge number of originators ensures a large volume of loans


Plenty of filters are available for your investments, and account statement is very clear.

Buyback guarantee

Standard buyback conditions

Platform ergonomics

In spite of the extreme ability to customize things such as auto-invest, the website is extremely easy to use. They don’t hesitate to re-design parts that don’t work well anymore

Funding methods

SEPA transfer


English, Czech, Spanish, Latvian, Polish, Russian

Overview of Mintos

Mintos is a pioneer in the field of P2P lending. This high-profile company located in Latvia offers the opportunity to invest in a wide range of loans.

Available loans

Mintos offers an impressive array of loan kinds, in many countries. You’ll setup a different profile for each currency, choose the minimal interest rate, which originators to include… possibilities are nearly limitless.

It offers both secured and unsecured loans. I initially invested in secured loans in Euro with a duration shorter than one year. However, longer durations currently offer very interesting rates for secured loans (14%, with even a low volume of 15% loans as of May 2018), so I now invest for as long as 5 years.

I used to have a much more speculative GEL (that’s Georgian Lari) portfolio which was totally invested in short-term loans, offering a nice 17% interest rate. However, performance suffered from the exchange rate variations, and from Mintos’ FX conversion commissions so I ended up killing this portfolio.

Mintos often adds new originators. You’ll get notified about it and will have the opportunity to include them in your auto-invest portfolio.

Also, a great way to boost your returns is to sign up for Mintos’ campaigns, and direct your investments accordingly. One recent offer allowed you to get as much as 5% cashback when investing for 60 months or more with Mogo, one of their many originators.

For investors who don’t want to bother with configuring auto-invest, Mintos now offers predefined strategies. There are three of them, named Short-term strategy, Diversification strategy and Secured loan strategy. The indicative returns vary between 8% and 12.5%, which is slightly lower than what you could get using custom auto-invest settings.

One last note regarding originators : Mintos has a mechanism called “skin in the game”, which means that the originators have to keep a portion of the loans (usually 10%). This ensures that the originators provides quality loans, as they will be directly impacted if the borrower defaults. Mintos FAQ has a great explanation of the skin in the game, which I incite you to read.


The buyback will takes place after 60 days, and includes both the outstanding principal and accrued interests.

Secondary market

There’s a secondary market available, should you ever want to resell your loans. Mintos used to charge a 1% commission on these operations, but since November 2017 them removed this fee.

Website ergonomics : Mintos is far ahead from most competitors

It’s quick and responsive. Browsing and filtering available loans is easy, and so is the auto-investment feature. Also, they often rearrange the design of the website in order to match new settings. For example, as the originators list grew very large, they changed the design of the auto-invest page in order to make it easier to use.

Here’s what the auto-invest screen looks like. You first select the currency to invest in, then display originators according to a criterion (loan type, buyback, country). For each of them, you see the loans type they provide, which countries they operate in, and can select if you want to invest in loans with or without buyback. This list as actually quite impressive : right now there are 25 originators available !

The lower part of the screen show two very handy graphs, allowing you to explore the available range of interest rates and remaining term. Using them, you can very easily estimate how quickly your funds will be invested. Finally, you classically choose the portfolio size, whether to reinvest or not, and the minimal/maximal loan size.

A recent feature is the neat option to diversify your portfolio across loans originators. This will help mitigate the risks in case things go wrong with one of them; I strongly encourage you to check this box.

Finally you may click on the “Show summary” link on the right to view a breakdown of the matching loans by type/country/originator, or list them all using the “View all loans” link. Neat !


Account statement and investments list look nice and are useful, just like the remaining of the website

Actual performance

As of May 2018, the computed XIRR for my Euro loans is 12.75%. This value is slightly higher than the 12.42% displayed by Mintos as “net annualized return”. It’s a nice return for guaranteed loans, although I strongly encourage you to also check out Grupeer if you want the best performance for such loans. I expect the XIRR value to increase, as my recent investments at Mintos all yield more than 13.5%.


Mintos is absolutely great for guaranteed loans. They boast an impressive range of originators, and the website is very pleasant to use. Many people also enjoy their non-secured loans; however, for these I prefer Omaraha.

(last update : May 10th, 2018)

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