Monethera review

Monethera review

Monethera’s overview

Monethera allows investors to lend money to businesses; these speculative loans currently yield 18%-19% annually. They’re protected by a buyback guarantee.

My opinion on Monethera

In spite of the high interest rates offered by the platform, I advise investors to proceed with caution due to the lack of track record. However, at medium term, it looks like Monethera will be a worthy competitor to Crowdestor, Kuetzal and Envestio.

Detailed ratings

Interest rates

The interest rates for the few available projects are rather high.

Loans liquidity

Currently there are only 3 projects on the platform.


The reporting is limited to bare essentials.

Buyback guarantee

Monethera provides a buyback guarantee, but recovering the entire investment after a default may be lengthy.

Website ergonomics

Overall, Monethera‘s website is well designed and pleasant to use.

Monethera’s pros & cons


  • High interest rates


  • Absolutely no track record
  • Very few projects are currently available
  • No auto-invest feature
  • No secondary market

Loans characteristics

Interest rates

18.2% – 18.9%

Loans duration

1 month to 1 year

More than 1 year

Loans kind



Minimal investment


Buyback guarantee

Buyback guarantee available



Overview of Monethera’s loans

Compared to its main competitors, Monethera offers very few loans. There are currently three of them; they yield between 18% and 19%, which is obviously very high. Their amount varies between €300 000 and €400 000.

The funded projects belong to various sectors, which is encouraging regarding the future diversification opportunities the platform may offer. In addition to a real-estate project, one financed business is a sturgeon farm, while the other is a luxury clothing brand.

Monethera’s projects

There’s no minimal investment per project, but the initial deposit has to be at least €100.

Projects history

The lack of a track record is Monethera‘s main flaw.

Monethera’s buyback guarantee

Loans at Monethera are covered by a buyback guarantee. It has two benefits :

  • It allows investors to sell their investment back to the platform (see “Secondary market” below)
  • In case of a default, at the planned maturity date, the platform will reimburse investors 35% of their investment. The remaining 65% and interest will be issued when Monethera collects the entire debt from the project owners; the term depends on the speed of the judicial process. Based on judicial practice, this may take up to one and a half years.

Platform’s features

Early exit

Early exit available


NO auto-invest

Secondary market

Monethera doesn’t offer a secondary market feature yet; instead, the buyback guarantee allows you to sell your investments back to the platform, for a 5% fee. According to a FAQ item, a secondary market is a planned feature.

Manual investing

With few projects currently available, it’s very comfortable to do invest manually.

Overall, I find that the projects descriptions aren’t as detailed as for Monethera‘s competitors like Kuetzal or Crowdestor.

Monethera’s Sava Couture project description

One thing that’s missing is a confirmation of the invested amount; investors have to be careful not to make a typo !

Auto-invest feature

There’s also no opportunity to auto-invest; investing has to be done manually.

Website’s ease of use



Funding methods

Account funding

Account funding is done via SEPA transfer. Funds were processed very quickly; they were available the day after I wired them.

Website’s design and ergonomics

I find the design of Monethera‘s website rather clean and it’s straightforward to use.


There is very little reporting available, apart from the transactions list and the projects portfolio.


There’s a detailed FAQ available, as well as a presentation of the platform and team.

However, one thing that bugs me is the puzzling similarity with Envestio‘s FAQ; the titles are exactly the same, and the contents is just a rewrite of Envestio’s. The page detailing the risks suffers of the same problem. I contacted Monethera‘s team about this and they blamed their copywriter; I would have preferred them to acknowledge that this similarity may be bad for business and rewrite the incriminated pages !

Actual performance of my Monethera portfolio

Interests for Monethera‘s projects I invested are reimbursed monthly; I thus should be able to compute returns in late July.

Monethera’s main competitors

Monethera is very similar to Envestio, Kuetzal and Crowdestor (and, as we saw, probably too similar to Envestio). As the number of financed projects increases, I expect Monethera to have the gain the same popularity as its competitors. For now, however, the lack of a track record and the small number of projects incite me to be patient before I invest heavily on this platform.

Monethera’s facts and figures


Tallinn, Estonia

As of June 2019

Who can invest

Monethera is more focused on European projects, that is why all the investment accounts are offered in EUR only. Payment in other currencies will undergo conversion to EUR at our bank’s rate. Please note that investors can only make payments from their own private bank accounts.

Monethera FAQ


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