One of the businesses financed through Monethera is a transportation company

Monethera review – Risky but rewarding investments

Monethera’s overview

Monethera allows investors to lend money to businesses; these speculative loans currently yield around 20% annually. They’re protected by a buyback guarantee A buyback guarantee is a guarantee provided by the platform or a loan originator.
If repayment of a loan is delayed by more than a given delay (usually 30 or 60 days),
the platform or loan originator will buy back the loan. The guarantee may cover only
part of the capital, or in a much more interesting case, both the capital and accrued
interests. As the conditions vary from one platform to another, it’s very important
to check this point.

My opinion on Monethera

In spite of the very high interest rates offered by the platform, I advise investors to proceed with caution due to the lack of track record. Indeed, until now, only one project was fully reimbursed. However, at medium term, it looks like Monethera will be a worthy competitor to Crowdestor, Kuetzal and Envestio.

Detailed ratings


The interest rates for the few available projects are very high.

Loans liquidity

Currently there are very few projects on the platform; however, new opportunities are regularly added.


Reporting is limited to bare essentials.

Buyback guarantee

Monethera provides a buyback guarantee, but recovering the entire investment after a default may be lengthy. Many newer projects are supposedly covered by a more advantageous guarantee, covering up to 95%; it’s however hard to tell if we can trust it.

Website ergonomics

Overall, Monethera‘s website is well designed and pleasant to use.

Monethera’s pros & cons


  • High interest rates
  • New investment opportunities are regularly added


  • Very little track record (one fully repaid loan)
  • No auto-invest feature
  • No secondary market

Loans characteristics

Loans duration

Medium-term : one month to one year

Long-term : more than one year

Loans kinds



Minimal investment

€ 1

Buyback guarantee

Buyback guarantee available


EUR – Euro

Overview of Monethera’s loans

Monethera‘s current investment opportunities yield between 16.4% and 21.1%, which is obviously very high. Their duration ranges from 3 months to one year; this rather short time span reduces the risk a bit.

The funded projects belong to various sectors, which is encouraging regarding the future diversification opportunities the platform may offer. In addition to two real-estate projects, the financed businesses are :

  • a sturgeon farm
  • a luxury clothing brand
  • a transportation company
  • an adhesives manufacturer
  • a commodity trading company
  • a VIP transportation firm
  • a perfume oil manufacturer
  • a rolled metal manufacturer
  • a car trader wishing to diversify and buy an aircraft for VIP flights
  • a forestry company
  • a car-wash company
  • a mattresses manufacture
Monethera's projects list
Monethera's projects list

While most financed businesses are located in Latvia, one of them operates in Estonia, another in Poland and yet another in Germany.

The minimum investment per project is one euro; while investing so little doesn’t make much sense, this will help investors spread their portfolio between all available loans. It’s a great advantage over competitors like Envestio, where investors with a small portfolio won’t be able to diversify their investments much. In addition, it also allows to reinvest interests without having to wait for them to reach a minimum amount.

All loans currently yield interests monthly, which a great for investors seeking for a regular cash-flow. Interests are computed from the day the investor invests in the project.

Loans volume

In early November 2019, there are thirteen projects on the platform. The five most recent ones are still available for funding, while all other reached their funding target.

Their amount is rather large (€ 100,000 to € 400,000), for a total amount close to € 3,000,000.

Buyback guarantee

Loans at Monethera are covered by a buyback guarantee A buyback guarantee is a guarantee provided by the platform or a loan originator.
If repayment of a loan is delayed by more than a given delay (usually 30 or 60 days),
the platform or loan originator will buy back the loan. The guarantee may cover only
part of the capital, or in a much more interesting case, both the capital and accrued
interests. As the conditions vary from one platform to another, it’s very important
to check this point.
. Until December 2019, it provided the following benefits :

  • It allows investors to sell their investment back to the platform (see “Buyback” below)
  • In case of a default, at the planned maturity date, the platform will reimburse investors 35% of their investment. The remaining 65% and interest will be issued when Monethera collects the entire debt from the project owners; the term depends on the speed of the judicial process. Based on judicial practice, this may take up to one and a half years.

Monethera then announced that they partnered with a Hong-Kong company named Richly Pacific International Limited; for selected loans, they will guarantee that 95% of the capital will be recovered. Compared to the previous buyback guarantee, it mostly means a faster recovery for investors as they don’t have to wait for the end of a lengthy judicial process.

On selected projects, Monethera's new buyback guarantee covers 95% of the capital
On selected projects, Monethera's new buyback guarantee covers 95% of the capital

Please keep in mind that unless the platform holds a buyback fund in a separate entity, the buyback guarantee may be just words; I encourage investors not to put too much faith in it.

Monethera’s controversies

Several investors expressed doubts regarding one of Monethera‘s projects launched in December 2019. Named Cloud Computing Services, it granted a loan to a UK company called Coldbrook Services LTD, supposedly working in the field of website hosting, storage and equipment rental. However, the only registered firm with this name in the UK operates in the food products area; moreover, somehow ironically, it doesn’t even have a website.

The platform published a blog post in order to answer questions from investors regarding this project.

Track record

As of late November 2019, only one project was successfully reimbursed. In spite of the very high interest rate (21.10% per year !), it was reimbursed on time.

Until now, there hasn’t been any repayment delay or defaulted loan.

Platform’s features

Early exit

Early exit available

Investing methods

Manual investing


Monethera doesn’t offer a secondary market The secondary market is a marketplace allowing investors to sell loans from their
portfolio to other investors. This is useful if they need to get their money back
before the loan’s maturity.
feature yet; instead, the buyback guarantee allows investors to sell their investments back to the platform. The associated fee varies from one project to another; it currently varies between 5% and 7%. According to a FAQ item, a secondary market is a planned feature.

The screen used to resell investments is very clear, and shows precisely how much money you’ll get back.

Manual investing at Monethera

With few projects currently available, it’s very comfortable to invest manually. Thanks to the small number of investors and the large loans volume, there’s no need to rush in order to get a share of new projects !

The descriptions for the platform’s first projects were rather succinct, with usually less than one page of information. This aspect has been greatly improved, and the descriptions for the most recent projects provide a lot of details. They’re very easy to read, thanks to the rather dynamic layout and the large pictures which reduce the density of text.

Although there’s an indication of a risk level, the platform doesn’t provide any explanation regarding the methodology used to compute it; it thus has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Excerpt of a project's description at Monethera
Excerpt of a project's description at Monethera

One thing that’s missing when investing manually is a confirmation of the invested amount; investors have to be careful not to make a typo !

Website’s ease of use


English, German, Spanish

Funding methods

Monethera’s registration process

Signing up with Monethera is extremely quick and easy. The KYC KYC (Know Your Customer) checks are procedures used by financial businesses
in order to verify the identity of their clients. Most Crowdlending platforms will require
a copy of an identification document (identity card, passport, driving licence); an utility bill
or bank statement may be necessary as well.
procedure is rather straightforward; prospective investors will need a copy of an ID document as well as an utility bill or bank statement. For obvious privacy purposes, I recommend using an utility bill.

Account safety

Account funding and funds withdrawal

Website’s design and ergonomics

Overall, I find the design of Monethera‘s website rather clean and it’s straightforward to use. I had a few reservations about the color scheme which in several places wasn’t very readable, but it has been changed since. It’s great that the platform listens to users’ feedback !

I’ve been in touch with the platform regarding this aspect and they agreed to change it in order to enhance readability; it’s nice that they listen to feedback from their users ! Overall, their IT team seems to be quite active on the website’s development, as many feature have already been added or improved since I started using it two months ago.

Available languages & translations quality

Monethera‘s website is available in English, German and Spanish. The overall quality of the English translation is good, although there are a few weird sentences in projects descriptions.


Monethera‘s website provides very few reporting options, apart from the transactions list and the projects portfolio.


There’s a detailed FAQ available, as well as a presentation of the platform and team.

One thing that stuck me when I browsed Monethera‘s website for the first time was the striking similarity of the FAQ with Envestio‘s FAQ. The titles were exactly the same, and the contents was just a rewrite of Envestio’s. The page detailing the risks suffered of the same problem.

I contacted Monethera‘s team about this; they initially blamed their copywriter, and didn’t seem to mind much. However, as I’m checking this point again in early August 2019, the FAQ seems to have been completely rewritten.


The only way to get in touch with Monethera is via a contact form. I’ve contacted them a few times, and they always replied the same day.

Communication from the platform​

Monethera will send notifications for new investment opportunities; investors will also receive confirmation when transferred funds reach their account, as well as for any investment they make.

I’d appreciate additional notifications when reimbursements are made – it always feels good to receive these ! –

Actual performance of my Monethera portfolio


At the end of December 2019, the XIRR for my Monethera portfolio was 18,87%.

As my Monethera portfolio is only a few months old, this - obviously very high - performance doesn't mean much yet. We'll see in a few months if all reimbursements are made on time !

Don't hesitate to read my most recent crowdlending portfolio review for detailed platforms performance comparison as well as historical performance.

Portfolio creation date

I created my Monethera portfolio in June 2019.

Monethera's main competitors

For a detailed comparison of the different real-estate and business crowdlending platforms, check out this article.

Monethera's facts & figures


Tallinn, Estonia

Number of investors


Loans amount financed

€ 4,561,423

As of January 2020

Who can invest at Monethera

Monethera is more focused on European projects, that is why all the investment accounts are offered in EUR only. Payment in other currencies will undergo conversion to EUR at our bank’s rate. Please note that investors can only make payments from their own private bank accounts.

Monethera FAQ


Please note that this review may contain affiliate links. It means that I will earn a commission if you decide to invest after clicking through the link – at no additional cost to you, of course -. Please understand that I have experienced all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the commissions I make if you decide to invest through my links.

2 thoughts on “Monethera review – Risky but rewarding investments”

  1. Hello, I am looking at the latest project of Monethera ( which is named cloud computing services and I am almost convinced that Monethera is not a legitimate platform. The project concerns lending to a “successful cloud/hosting company with many years of experience” in the field. However, the company does not even have a website, it exists only two years (bought out a shell company by a Latvian resident), its address in the UK is fake (35 companies are listed in that address), there is no info on any clients, no financial results, or any connection with the real world. It is claimed that they have many experienced IT professionals, but then they also say that it would be good to hire an IT professional.
    There is an alleged third-party guarantee, but there are no further details on this, like who is the third party.
    The presentation is full of stock photos of cloud computing. I seriously believe that this project, and probably the entire Monethera platform, is a scam. Best case, a pal of the Monethera owner wants to buy an existing company using borrowed money. Worst case: you know.


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