Monthly ICO portfolio review

As I mentioned in this post, I started investing a small sum in crypto-currencies through ICOs (initial coin offerings) at the end of 2017. This portfolio is extremely small compared to my P2P lending portfolio.From now on, I’ll report on the fluctuations of the tokens price on a monthly basis.

Portfolio structure

I invested an equal amount in the following ICOs :
  • Crypto20 (C20), a crypto index fund
  • Symmetry (SYMM), a fund invested in crypto-currencies and ICOs
  • Naga Coin, (NGC) a smart crypto-currency for gaming and trading
  • Signals (SGN), a platform aimed at providing crypto-trading strategies

Current tokens valuation

It may be hard to value a portfolio invested in ICOs. Currently neither SGN or SYMM have real value, as the ICO is not over yet.The value of a C20 token is published at the project’s homepage; historical NAV can be found in the performance page. C20 token will also soon trade at HitBTC, a crypto-currency exchange. The NAV on December, 31st was $2.91.CRYPTO20 - NAV ChartNGC’s situation is even clearer as it already trades at HitBTC. As of December, 31st its closing price was $2.82.NGC/USD chart at HitBTC

Total portfolio valuation

As I mentioned, I invested an equal amount in all four ICOs. Depending on the crypto-currency used to invest in ICOs, the transaction fees were different. In order to simplify comparison, I will disregard the transaction fees paid initially.Also, as I bought the NGC tokens during the pre-sale, I got a nice 30% bonus on the price, meaning that I actually bought 30% more tokens for the same price.In order to make comparisons easier, I gave an initial value of 1 for all tokens. The resulting growth is impressive : around 3 times for C20 ($1 to $2.91), and about 3.6 times for NGC, thanks to the bonus ($1 to $2.82 plus 30% equal $3.66 ). Including the two “idle” tokens, I doubled the value of my portfolio in one month.ICOs portfolio valuation as of December 2017 Will this crazy growth continue ? I’m of course not sure. Overall I’m really confident  in C20’s value; NGC’s price variations remain to be seen. SYMM’s first dividend is supposed to be paid in April, so we’ll see how it turns out !

Future directions

I try to stay informed on current ICOs and trends in crypto space, as I find this topic interesting. However I don’t plan to grow my portfolio much, unless I found a very compelling ICO to invest in. Crypto20 is supposed to create new indexes later (for example for ICOs), so it may provide new investment opportunities.  

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