P2P lending and real-estate crowdfunding platforms comparison

P2P lending and real-estate crowdfunding platforms comparison

Alternative investments features detailed reviews for many P2P lendind and real-estate crowdfunding platforms. However, reading them all in a row may look like a daunting task !

In order to guide you in your choice, I’ve listed my choice platforms for each investor’s profile.

Secured loans

Loans covered by a buyback guarantee[?] are the safest way to invest in loans. While this guarantee isn’t absolute, having a diversified loans portfolio will help reduce the risk of an originator going bankrupt.

Note that apart most of the following platforms only deal with individual loans. The only exceptions are Grupeer, which features secured development deals, and Mintos which also offers business loans with small amounts.

Short-term loans (one month or less)​


Robo.cash is my favorite P2P lending platform for short-term loans. They offer a 14% interest rate. In spite of the slightly confusing interface and approximate translation, I consider it the best choice for short-term investors.

Compared to Robo.cash, Swaper‘s interface is much more streamlined. In spite of this, the lower interest rates make the platform less attractive to me.

Medium-term loans (one year or less)​

Grupeer is currently my favorite platform. It is easy to use, and features secured loans with large amounts. Most yield a 14% interest rate, although one creditor offers 15% loans

Mintos has been there for a while; they had time to build a very large offer, with many originators . Note that they also feature unsecured loans, for those seeking hgher returns at the cost of an increased risk.

Long-term loans (more than one year)​

Omaraha‘s interface is painful for the eyes and the nerves. However, for a long time, the platform’s interest rates more than compensated the steep learning curve. Unfortunately, they have gone down, as has the loans quantity. It’s thus getting harder and harder to invest large amounts there.
Mintos is one of the few platforms that offers to invest for long-term in loans secured by a buyback guarantee.

Unsecured loans

Investing in loans that don’t come with a buyback guarantee allows you to expect higher returns. It can also enhance your portfolio’s diversification, by investing it partially in business loans or real-estate projects.

CrowdEstate is my #1 choice for business and real-estate loans. They regularly add very large projects offering very interesting interest rates. Unfortunately, the platform is kind of victim of its success, and the opportunities fill up very quickly.

Crowdestor is a recent business crowdfunding platform. It allows to invest in real-estate projects, as well as in more speculative business loans. Some projects offer truly impressive interest rates, but their risk shouldn’t be under-estimated !

Envestio is another newcomer in the business crowd-lending area. They offer to invest in highly diversified projects, which offer great returns.

Once again, the huge array of loans offered on Mintos allows you to invest in basically any loan kind; you’ll find plenty of unsecured loans to invest in.

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