P2P lending portfolio review for August 2017

Overview of the past month

As mentioned last month, I opened an account with Monestro and DoFinance. My Monestro portfolio is currently very small as there aren’t many loans available. Situation with DoFinance is different, as the offer is much simpler; the whole amount was immediately invested for 6 months, with a 12% interest rate. As a result, I’m about to publish a detailed review of DoFinance.I’m still in the process of withdrawing funds from both ViaInvest and Twino; I’ll use these funds to increase the size in Grupeer.

Current performance


12 months XIRR at the end of July was 26.8, down from 27.6% last month. Details by country are : Estonia 26.9% (down from 27.5%), Slovakia 25.3% (down from 30.7%), Finland 30.9% (down from 34.9%). I will probably simplify my portfolio management by focusing only in Estonian loans. The default rate is a bit lower than last month (0.6% against 0.7%), which is a very reasonable level.I has to slightly increase my loan size to 30€ in order to invest all my remaining funds. My portfolio now has reached my target size and shouldn’t increase, excepted of course from the interests paid.


XIRR for Bondora‘s portolio was 18.18%, stable from last month. I still didn’t test the “portfolio pro” feature; lazy me !


Grupeer still doesn’t provide a XIRR computation but all my loans offer 13% or 14% interest rates. I also enjoyed some nice cashback (1% or more) which will boost my returns. There are now Russian loans offering a 15% interest rate, which will be my next investments.


XIRR for Mintos was 12.17% for secured loans in Euro and 16.75% for Lari (Georgia), absolutely stable. There are now some guaranteed loans offering a 13% interest rate; they’re likely to increase my returns a bit. Note that I’m in the process of slashing my GEL portfolio, which (as forecasted) suffered from the EUR/GEL exchange rate.


XIRR of my Swaper portfolio was stable at 11.77%. There were still times where all my portfolio wasn’t invested, but the situation seems to be improving !


XIRR is still displayed as 12.74%. As mentioned above, I’m starting to withdraw all my funds as all new loans only offer a 10% interest rate, not counting the tax withholding. I prefer to invest for a bit longer and get a much better return !


XIRR is 10.14%; I have less than 100€ left there so it will disappear in September’s edition of this review !

XIRR evolution

I already removed Twino and ViaInvest to make the following graph more readable

Current allocation

My allocation probably won’t change much in the coming months.

New platforms

The next 2 months will be rather busy for me so I may not have much time to research new P2P lending platforms; moreover I don’t have much cash left to invest in them 🙂   

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