P2P lending portfolio review for April 2018

Overview of the month

April was another quiet month for my P2P lending portfolio. I withdrew some more funds from my Omaraha’s portfolio as it’s getting harder and harder to invest there, and managed to withdraw some money from Bondora.

Website changes

I didn’t have time to update many articles, but finally started Alternative Investment’s Facebook page ! I’ve been thinking for some time about a way to communicate up-to-date but transient informations, like P2P lending companies’ new offers. I think that a Facebook page is a great way to do so, instead of cluttering the website with short-lived posts. Of course, the website will remain my main focus, and I have a few background articles being written !

Current performance


Current XIRR is slightly down again, at 20.26% against 20.47% in April. Again, it’s still an excellent result, but it looks like it will be harder and harder to replicate it, especially for large accounts.


XIRR was 12.91%, compared to 13.54% last month. As I mention in my last portfolio review, I stopped re-investing at Bondora. I keep on computing the resulting XIRR in order to see how well the recovery performs.


Another month with a lot of cashback offers from one of my favorite companies ! As a result, the XIRR increased to 14.68%, up from 14.54%. Do I need to point out that it’s an excellent return ? 🙂


Like Grupeer, Mintos offers runs several cashback campaigns; however I once again failed to invest in the matching loans. As a result my XIRR was really stable at 12.75%, basically the same value as last month’s 12.71%. Note that for long-term investors, it’s now possible to invest in loans offering as much as 15% interest rate, coming with a buyback guarantee.


Returns were very stable this month, with an XIRR of 12.14% versus 12.16% last month.


After several months of slow increase, the XIRR for April was nearly identical to March’s one, at 12.23%; last month’s value was 12.25%.


Shame on me ! I just realized that I forgot to include this company in my monthly review. Well, now it’s done; the XIRR for my portfolio there is 12.17%,  stable from last month’s 12.20%. Note that thanks to the simplicity of the company’s offer, I don’t expect this value to fluctuate much !

Other companies

As usual, I didn’t compute the XIRR for several companies.Several of my investments at CrowdEstate have been paying interests for a few months, but as they’re not real-estate crowdfunding, their returns are different from most other projects in my portfolio. My first investment in Crowdestor also started to return interests, but here again my portfolio is too new for me to publish the results. Finally, I’m still waiting for my BulkEstate‘s long-term investments to pay interests within a few months.Finbee and Monestro’s reviews still aren’t ready, so reporting the result would be rather pointless if I don’t provide more details.

Aggregate portfolio XIRR

This value is the average of the XIRR for each company, weighted by its amount. This month it’s fallen again; it’s now 17.03%, versus 17.34% last month. Once again, the large weight of Omaraha and Bondora explain most of this decrease.

XIRR evolution

Remember that values until October (included) were provided by the platform or crudely estimated; from November onwards they were computed using the method outlined in this article.There’s nearly no noticeable change compared to last month; the tendency is again for returns to get uniform between most comparable companies.Returns by P2P lending company - April 2018

Current allocation

As mentioned in the overview, I decreased the size of my Bondora and Omaraha portfolios. My only new investment was in CrowdEstate’s last project, as I had some idle funds there.Due to the large withdrawal in Omaraha, most other companies’ relative size increased.Allocation between P2P lending companies - April 2018

New platforms

I found out a new platform which seem great, but several aspects kind of annoy me so I want to spend some more time researching it, rather than give a rushed opinion.   

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