P2P lending portfolio review for January 2018

Overview of the month

The first month of 2018 looked suspiciously like the last month of 2017 ! I once again added money to CrowdEstate and BulkEstate. Returns were overall equivalent to last month, the exception being once again Bondora.

Current performance


Omaraha is currently suffering from a large cash drag. It’s very hard to have money invested, and I actually increased the amount of “bonus” I give back to the side in order to have a higher priority. In spite of this, there’s more and more idle cash on my account.Computed XIRR is 20.86%, which is roughly the same as last month’s 20.96%. It’s still by far the best performing part of my portfolio.


Once again, Bondora’s returns decreased. They stand at 15.14%, well below the value for last month, which was 15.86%. The recovery isn’t improving, in spite of reassuring communication from Bondora. Like many Bondora investors, I’m tempted to cut down the size of my portfolio, but I’m afraid it will lower results even further…


Month after month, Grupeer delivers very consistent returns. The 1% cashback offer allowed me to boost my returns again; this portfolio’s XIRR was 14.63% for January, slightly higher than December’s 14.49%.


Just like Grupeer, Mintos performs extremely well. The XIRR was slightly up, at 12.63% versus 12.54% for the previous month. There are several campaigns that allow you to get cashback; you currently can get as much as 5% cashback when investing in Mogo’s long-term loans ! These offers are a great way to increase your returns.


The XIRR is currently 11.83%, which is okay for loans offering a 12% interest rate. It increased greatly from last month’s 11.66%; it looks like the cash drag is over for now, as returns have been increasing for several months in a row.


Robo.cash is another site that suffered from a long cash drag several months ago. Just like Swaper, they now seem to have enough loans available for everyone to invest in, and the returns are in an uptrend. December’s XIRR was 10.59%, and it increased to 11.19% in January. While still not an optimal value – the loans are supposed to yield 14% -, it’s a great improvement from the past values.

Other companies

Once again, I don’t compute XIRR for several companies : Investly, Finbee, Monestro, CrowdEstate and BulkEstate. I keep on adding money to the two latter companies, as they have very interesting offers coming in regularly.

Aggregate portfolio XIRR

I compute this value by taking the average of the XIRR for each portfolio, weighted by the portfolio’s size. The value for January was very similar to last month : 17.95% versus 17.99% for December. Overall it’s still an excellent value… I can only wish Bondora would stop bringing it down 🙁

XIRR evolution

Value from December onwards were all computed by myself, leading to more precise value and easier comparison. There’s little change between January’s results and the previous month.P2P Lending companies returns

Current allocation

I once again added funds to CrowdEstate and BulkEstate. The evolution of the other portfolios’ relative size is due to the received interests.P2P lending companies allocations for January 2018

New platforms

I had a look at EstateGuru, but current returns seem much lower than CrowEstate of BulkEstate. I’m currently performing some due diligence on Crowdestor, which seems like a worthy competitor for these two websites; however the investors base seems to be very small.    

5 thoughts on “P2P lending portfolio review for January 2018”

  1. Hi, Thank you for this portfolio review. I am interest in investing with Mintos. Unfortunately I am new to the whole business and would be grateful for some advise. How much would you suggest would be a good investment to start up with and where can I check the monthly revenues?
    Thank you in advance

    • Hi,

      Mintos indeed looks like an excellent choice to begin investing in P2P. They offer a wide variety of loans, and their website is extra-easy to use.

      The “right” amount to invest totally depends on each person, but the best advise I can give you is : don’t rush your decisions. Seriously consider : how much you can invest – knowing there’s some risk involved even with buyback – and also for how long you’re ready to invest; you can always use the secondary market if you need the money back but it’s not optimal ! Always start by investing a small sum first until you’re comfortable with how the platform works, and always use guaranteed loans (buyback option) unless you’re ready to lose that money.

      I started very small in all platforms and never regretted it !

      Regarding Mintos’s monthly revenues, they are easily accessed via the Account statement, where you can choose to view the current month only.

  2. Wow, loving the depth of this post!

    I have some questions:
    1. How are you calculating XIRR (might be a silly question)?
    2. Why do you not share the XIRR for some platforms?
    3. How is Investly performing for you? I’m close to signing up with them…

    Thanks & all the best for your investments!

    • Hi,

      Actually your question about XIRR is far from being silly. For a long time I’ve been rather frightened by this seemingly complex computation. But once I researched it I’ve found that computing it is extremely simple using Google Sheets (it would of course work in Excel too). I’ve written a post about it, but forgot to add it to the site’s main menu. Let me know if you find it clear enough !

      I usually don’t compute XIRR for real-estate crowdfunding platform such as CrowdEstate or BulkEstate, as they will pay interests only once the project is completed, which usually means in more than one year. So currently there’s nothing to display for me ! Also, in case of platforms where I invested only recently, I don’t consider that my XIRR is reliable enough.

      Finally, Investly… Well, let’s say that I’m about to update my review as the currently offered loans are much lower than previously. Mintos offers much better rates and has many more loans available for those willing to invest in businesses !

      Hit me back if you have any more question


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