P2P lending portfolio review for November 2017

Overview of the month

Not much has changed on my P2P lending portfolio this month. I moved some funds out of Omaraha and into CrowdEstate and mostly Finbee. I’m still writing the review for the latter, which takes time as the website offers many features.The most important change is that I’m now tracking my portfolio more closely. I computed the XIRR for all my P2P investments and will display this one instead of relying on the value computed by the P2P lending company.

Current performance


I withdrew a small sum (around 1%) as I had a lot of funds not invested. Later in the month, I resorted to use Omaraha’s “bonus” feature. It gives me priority when auto-investing, the cost being some percent of the interests I give back to the platform. Since I started using this technique, all my funds are invested. The effect of the bonus on my returns remains to be seen.My portfolio at Omaraha now only contains loans from Estonia.Computed XIRR is 21.11%; while much below the platform’s estimation, it’s an excellent return.


XIRR for Bondora‘s portolio is 16.73%. The returns there seem to be slowly diminishing, so I’m considering lowering this portfolio’s size a bit.


I can finally compute a XIRR 🙂 The result is 13.46%; however as I mentioned in my article regarding XIRR, the fact that I have few large loans tends to under-estimate this platform’s XIRR between two repayment dates. I was unable to invest in any 15% loan recently, so all my recent loans yield 14%.


There are still many loans offering 14%, so my XIRR is slowly increasing. My computed value is 12.35%, in line with the platform’s estimation.


My result for Swaper’s XIRR is 11.47%; the value is less than expected for loans yielding 12% because of the past cash drag.


If I consider my account value strictly, my XIRR is a deceiving 9%. Indeed, the accrued interest for many loans didn’t get paid yet, so this reduces the returns. If I include the accrued interest, the value would be closer to 12%. However I’ll use the former value instead, as this difference should disappear as time goes by.

Other companies

There are many platforms for which I don’t display returns yet. The first reason us because my portfolio is too recent (Investly, Finbee) or too small (Monestro). Real-estate crowdfunding will take a while too (CrowdEstate and BulkEstate)

XIRR evolution

The switch from the values displayed by the websites to my own computations creates a drop for this month. However the relative order is preserved.P2P leending companies's XIRR for November 2017

Current allocation

Finbee and CrowdEstate grew a bit, while Omaraha shrunk slightly.P2P lending allocation for November 2017 

New platforms

I actually have no plan to open accounts in a new P2P lending platform, but of course this can change it one sparkles my interest ! I want to spend some time improving the reviews, and updating for example Swaper‘s one in order to include the recent interface changes. Moreover I still have to test Bondora’s “Portfolio Pro” feature.See you next month !   

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