Crowdestor review : a new real-estate crowdfunding platform

Overview of Crowdestor

Crowdestor offers the opportunity to invest in real-estate projects. Overall, it looks similar to BulkEstate and CrowdEstate. Let’s find out what the differences between these three platforms are !

Unsecured loans

As a new platform, Crowdestor currently only features one offer, while two other will be available for investing in April. One of the future investments offers a crazy 36% interest rate, while the other one is a more classical real-estate project, with a good interest rate of 36%. Other than that and the project duration, there’s little detail on pending projects.

The current project, named Tesla Taxi Parc Riga offers a projected interest rate of 17% over a period of 12 months. It’s a great return; while somehow lower than CrowdEstate’s most lucrative deals, it’s higher than most projects at BulkEstate.

Crowdestor's current project : Tesla Taxi Park

Many details are provided; while the description isn’t as rich as at CrowdEstate, it’s still very detailed and provides many documents.

Alvailable documents for Tesla Taxi Park project at Crowdestor

This project will pay interests monthly. This differs from most investments made through Crowdestor’s competitors, however it may be different for future projects.

Auto-invest feature

There’s currently no auto-invest feature. However, with very few projects available, it’s hardly a critical feature. The only use I may have for such a feature (provided by CrowdEstate) is when the required amount for a project is very small, as it may get filled up very quickly. However, for now, Crowdestor’s small investors base make such a situation unlikely !


The provided project doesn’t provide buyback.

Secondary market

Just like its competitors, Crowdestor doesn’t provide a secondary market.

Website ergonomics

The website is simple but well designed and properly translated. The advantage of real-estate crowdfunding is that the number of projects is rather low and there are not many options available. As a result, these websites are usually very easy to use.

Administrative operations such as creating your account, funding it and investing in projects are easy to carry.


Just like its main competitors, Crowdestor doesn’t provide a cash-flow forecast. It’s a pity as it would be useful, especially if the projects list grows.

Actual performance

This part will as usual be filled later, once I have more concrete data.

Conclusion : my opinion about Crowdestor

It’s always tricky to review a new platform. As P2P lending and crowdfunding are basically unregulated, the question of  trust towards the platform is fundamental. And due to their lack of track record, it’s hard to put a lot of trust in new platforms. As such, I strongly advise you to be cautious and invest only a small part of your P2P portfolio through recently created companies. Later, as they get more traction and the projects are actually completed, you’ll always have the opportunity to grow your portfolio !

However, Crowdestor currently seems like a nice complement to CrowdEstate and BulkEstate. The interest rate for the currently featured project is great, and the provided documentation is convincing. I invested a small sum in the current project, and plan to invest in the next one in order to get a better insight of their performance.

As usual, I’ll complete this review as time goes by. Stay tuned !

Interest rateThe interest rate for the current project is great. Just keep in mind that the loans are not guaranteed !
Loans availabilityWe’ll see how regularly projects are added in the future
BuybackThere’s no buyback feature
Website ergonomicsThe website is basic but works well
Reporting Reporting is rather simple
Global rating Crowdestor is very promising, but exercise caution as it’s a newcomer in the real-estate crowdfunding field !

(last update : February 28st, 2018)