An excerpt of Robocash's loans list

Robocash review

Robocash’s overview

Through Robocash, you can invest mostly in very short-term (one month) personal loans or in longer-term commercial loans, yielding 14% annually. These loans come with a buyback guarantee.

My opinion on Robocash

Now that Robocash increased the interest rates to match Swaper‘s and Lendermarket‘s, their offer became competitive again.

Unfortunately, in term of website ergonomics, the platform really lags behind these two competitors. We can only hope that the upcoming website redesign will improve this aspect !

In spite of this, the financial solidity of the platform and its related loan originators makes it a great choice to get some geographical diversification.

Detailed ratings

Actual performance

A 14% interest rate is really nice; moreover, after more than 2 years on the platform, my actual returns matches the expected ones.

Loans liquidity

The loans volume is currently large enough to prevent the past cash drags.


The statistics are rather complete, but like for the remaining of the website, their readability and usability could be improved.

Transparency & reliability

Although the information on the platform is a bit scattered, Robocash and their loan originators seem to be reliable, and the platform is overall rather transparent.

Website ergonomics

The platform’s website could be more polished.

Robocash’s pros & cons


  • Interesting geographical diversification in Asia
  • Reliability of the platform’s parent company (Robocash Group)


  • Poor ergonomics and translations

Loans characteristics

Loans duration

Short-term : one month or less

Medium-term : one month to one year

Loans kinds


Minimal investment

€ 10

Buyback guarantee

Buyback guarantee available


EUR – Euro

Overview of Robocash’s loans

All loans are in Euro. As of April 2020, Robocash offers mostly 14% interest rate for very short-term (1 month) microloans from Kazakhstan.

An excerpt of Robocash's loans list

In late 2019, Robocash also started offering long-term commercial loans from Singapore. Their offer has evolved through time, and now their duration can be either three months, six months or one year. The interest rates used to be between 10% and 11%, but they got increased to 14%.

Loans from other countries such as Spain, Vietnam or Russian federation may also be available, depending on the current supply and demand.

Loans volume

In October – November 2017, the platform struggled to invest all my funds; later, in most of 2018, I usually had around 10% of my portfolio which didn’t get invested. In 2019 and early 2020, after they expanded their business in several Asian countries, the loans supply seems to be large enough, and I don’t have idle funds anymore.

Loan originators

There are currently 5 originators available on Robocash; the website provides a few details about each of them, including the loan agreement.

Robocash's loan originators
Robocash's loan originators

Although no financial report is available for the loan originators, they all belong to Robocash Group, which is largely profitable.

There used to be more originators, but two of them were removed in 2019. Moreover, in late 2019, the Philippines originator Robocash Finance Corp. was barred from operating, due to a license problem.

Buyback guarantee

The buyback guarantee triggers after a reimbursement is delayed for longer than 30 days. It covers both principal and accrued interests.

Platform’s transparency and reliability

In term of transparency, and reliability, Robocash is doing rather well. First, although there’s no link to LinkedIn profiles, the management team is introduced on the website. Many statistics are also publicly available.

Moreover, Robocash’s parent company (Robocash Group) is a profitable entity; unaudited financial reports are available for the group, and show a net profit of more than eighteen million dollars in 2019. Audited reports are expected to be available in 2020.

Selected (and unaudited) financials for Robocash group
Selected (and unaudited) financials for Robocash group

As pointed previously, although no financial report is available for the loan originators, they’re also part of Robocash Group, which improves their reliability.

Impact of Covid-19 outbreak on Robocash

The consequences of the Covid-19 on Robocash are roughly similar to those for Swaper, their closest competitor.

First, the platform increased rates; they’re now 14% for all newly issued loans, regardless of the location or duration.

The consequences on loans volume vary greatly from one country to another. According to a recent statement by Robocash CEO Sergey Sedov, the request for loans has decreased in India, but skyrocketed in Spain.

Platform’s features

Early exit

Early exit available

Investing methods


Secondary market

Before the introduction of longer-term loans, Robocash didn’t feature a secondary market. Due to the very short loans duration, it wasn’t really a drawback. Now that the platform provides loans longer than one month, it’s possible to sell them on the secondary market.

It’s quite hard to find out how to sell the loans. From the investments list, the loans that can be sold have a checkbox on their left; the chosen color makes it nearly invisible. On the following screenshot, the two first loans are not checked yet, while I selected the two next loans.

How to sell loans on Robocash
How to sell loans on Robocash

Selling your loans on the secondary market is free, and the loans are always sold at face value.

Manual investing at Robocash

It’s not possible to invest manually; use of auto-invest is mandatory.


While the initial auto-invest screen had several rather confusing labels, it’s been redesigned. It is now easier to understand, although there’s still room for improvement.

Auto-invest screen at Robocash

It’s possible to configure the auto-invest to buy loans from the secondary market, a feature that most competitors don’t provide.

One useful aspect of the auto-invest screen is that it provides a good overview of the loans provided by each originator :

  • Operating country
  • Interest rate
  • Loan duration

This information would fit better in the screen introducing the loan originators; it’s one of the many weird design choices found at the platform’s website !

Website’s ease of use


English, German, Spanish, Russian

Funding methods

Robocash’s registration process

Registration is quick and relatively easy, although once again the translations for several labels are a bit weird.

Account funding and funds withdrawal

Website’s design and ergonomics

Robocash‘s website is globally easy to use, but the interface is far from being as streamlined as most competitors.

One minor annoyance is that if you ever want to see a loan agreement, it isn’t displayed in your browser but downloaded as a Word document. Also, the English version isn’t as well translated as some competitors, but is obviously legible enough.

Available languages & translations quality

The quality of the English translation could be greatly improved.


The reporting is rather complete; investors have access to the investments list, the transactions report, as well as several statistics about their portfolio.


The website features a rather expansive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) available; in spite of the sometimes weird translation, it’s quite useful.


There’s a contact form available on the website; in addition to this, it’s possible to get in touch with Robocash by e-mail or phone.

Communication from the platform​

Apart from notification when transferred money reaches your investor’s account, the platform doesn’t communicate much.

Actual performance of my Robocash portfolio


At the end of July 2020, the XIRR for my Robocash portfolio was 12,17%.

The performance of my Robocash portfolio got a nice boost thanks to a bonus granted for being among the first investors.

Don't hesitate to read my most recent crowdlending portfolio review for detailed platforms performance comparison as well as historical performance.

Portfolio creation date

I created my Robocash portfolio in September 2017.

Robocash's main competitors

For a detailed comparison of the different p2p-lending marketplaces, check out this article.

Robocash's facts & figures


Zagreb, Croatia

Founded in


Number of investors


Loans amount financed

€ 58,372,884

As of January 2020

Who can invest at Robocash

Any person age of 18, who has a bank account in one of the European Union countries, can become an investor on Robocash.

Robocash FAQ


Please note that this review may contain affiliate links. It means that I will earn a commission if you decide to invest after clicking through the link – at no additional cost to you, of course -. Please understand that I have experienced all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the commissions I make if you decide to invest through my links.

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  1. Hi!
    As I know Robocash buyback doesnt compensate you interest for late 30 days, only principal, so your effective xirr will be always below 14%

    • Hi Eduard,

      The buyback guarantee also covers the interests.

      The FAQ clearly states “If the borrower delays payment, we will buy the investor’s share at the purchase price and will pay all the interest due.”.

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