Crowd-lending portfolio review for May 2018

Overview of the month Just like last month, the main change in my crowd-lending portfolio is the transfer of funds from Omaraha and Bondora to Grupeer. Website changes Well, quite a lot of things happened, as you may have realized !Lat month I created Alternative Investments’ Facebook page; I encourage you to check it out … Read more Crowd-lending portfolio review for May 2018

Crowdestor review

Illustration of Crowdestor's "Sweet dreams Samloem" project

Crowdestor’s overview offers real-estate and business loans. Their interest rates are usually in the 14%-20% range, for durations varying from one to two years. A partial buyback guarantee A buyback guarantee is a guarantee provided by the platform or a loan originator. If repayment of a loan is delayed by more than a given delay (usually … Read more Crowdestor review

CrowdEstate review

CrowdEstate's "Inger Hotel" project

CrowdEstate’s overview is a leading platform for real-estate and business loans. The real-estate projects became more conservative in 2018, and now yield around 11%-12% yearly. On the other hand, the long-term business loans are still somehow speculative and offer 16% returns. My opinion on CrowdEstate Although I still appreciate the large supply of loans available … Read more CrowdEstate review

P2P lending platforms comparison

Peer-to-peer marketplaces in a nutshell While 2018 saw marketplaces for real-estate and business loans gain a lot of traction, P2P loans are still the most obvious way to invest in loans. Moreover, as in early 2020 two P2B (peer-to-business) platforms proved to be scams, I expect that many investors will return to less risky, more … Read more P2P lending platforms comparison