Crowd-lending portfolio review for October 2021

Website changes I once again didn’t have much time to work on the website. I plan to update most reviews this month, as well as finally remove the ones which are too outdated and see little interest from my readership. I also expect to finally review and . Noteworthy news from the crowdlending world Most … Read more

Crowd-lending portfolio review for July 2021

Website changes I’m very busy on a totally unrelated project, which basically takes all my time. Work on Alternative Investments has thus been rather limited ! However, I took the time to update several reviews, as well as write a review for . On the other hand, ‘s review isn’t written yet… I realize it’s … Read more

Lendermarket review

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An excerpt of Lendermarket's loans list
An excerpt of Lendermarket's loans list
An excerpt of Lendermarket's loans list

Lendermarket's overview Lendermarket allows to invest in consumer loans yielding from 12% to 15% annually; they’re secured by a buyback guarantee. My opinion on Lendermarket As I’m updating this review in March 2022, granting a rating turns out to be kind of a headache. On one hand, most aspects of the platform are very positive, … Read more

P2P lending platforms comparison

Peer-to-peer marketplaces in a nutshell While 2019 saw marketplaces for real-estate and business loans gain a lot of traction, P2P loans are still the most obvious way to invest in loans. Moreover, as in early 2020 several P2B (peer-to-business) platforms proved to be scams, I expect that many investors will return to less risky, more … Read more