Fast Invest review

Part of Fast Invest's loans list

Fast Invest’s overview is a platform offering to invest in peer-to-peer loans for up to one year, with interest rates ranging from 9% to 13% for Euro loans. They come with a buyback guarantee that triggers after only 3 days, an incredibly short delay ! My opinion on Fast Invest ‘s website is extremely easy … Read moreFast Invest review

Iuvo review : great P2P platform, weak buyback guarantee

Iuvo’s overview Iuvo is a marketplace for peer-to-peer loans. If the interest rates up to 15% seem to be very interesting, there’s a catch : indeed, only the principal is covered by the buyback guarantee. My opinion on Iuvo After more than one year on the platform, the performance of my portfolio is stable, slightly … Read moreIuvo review : great P2P platform, weak buyback guarantee

One-click investing : P2P loans the easy way !

The drawbacks of P2P loans marketplaces Investing in loans may be confusing at first. As highlighted in our documentation, an essential part of the investment process is determining your investor’s profile. Which kind of loans do you want to invest in ? For how long ? And even more important, how much risk are you … Read moreOne-click investing : P2P loans the easy way !

My favorite crowd-lending platforms – August 2018 update

This article is outdated ! Read at your own risk 🙂 I’ve written an update in March 2019; readers are strongly advised to proceed to my updated list of favorite crowd-lending platforms. I keep this article online mostly for future reference. Changes overview I already published an article listing my favorite platforms a few months … Read moreMy favorite crowd-lending platforms – August 2018 update

Real-estate and business crowdfunding platforms

An overwhelming choice Many real-estate and business crowdfunding platforms are reviewed on Alternative Investments. , , , , , , and all received good or great ratings; it may be hard to get an overall picture of their similarities and differences. This article aims at comparing them in a more specific way. Why invest in … Read moreReal-estate and business crowdfunding platforms

Envestio – An excellent crowd-lending platform

One of the projects financed by Envestio was a wind turbine farm

Envestio’s overview offers speculative business and real-estate loans, with interest rates usually between 15% and 20%. Recent projects come with a buyback guarantee which covers at least 90% of the capital. My opinion on Envestio The performance of my portfolio is excellent, and if it weren’t for the much reduced loans volume in summer 2019, … Read moreEnvestio – An excellent crowd-lending platform

Swaper review

Swaper's auto-invest screen looks great

Swaper’s overview allows to invest in short-term (one month) individual loans. All these loans yield 12% annually and are covered by a buyback guarantee. For very large portfolios (€ 5,000 or more), the interest rate is increased to a very nice 14%. My opinion on Swaper Like , will mostly appeal to short-term investors; for longer … Read moreSwaper review

Mintos review

A very small sample of Mintos loans list

Mintos’s overview is one of the largest peer-to-peer lending platforms; they offer a huge volume of loans of all kinds and durations. My opinion on Mintos ‘ success is well deserved ! They deliver an excellent and very regular performance, and the impressive loans volume means that basically any amount can be invested without fearing … Read moreMintos review

Bondora review

Table of contents Bondora's overview My opinion on Bondora Detailed ratings Bondora's pros & cons Loans characteristics Platform's features Website's ease of use Actual performance of my Bondora portfolio Bondora's main competitors Bondora's facts and figures Disclosure Bondora’s overview Bondora provides individual loans. The yearly interests rates vary greatly depending on the borrower’s profile; they … Read moreBondora review