P2P lending portfolio review for July, 2017

Month overview Unlike my Collective2 portfolio, my P2P lending portfolio’s life was rather uneventful this month (and I don’t complain about it 🙂 ). I added some more funds to Omaraha and I’m nearly reaching my target portfolio size. I still have to decrease ViaInvest size, but I’m waiting for the principal to be reimbursed. Current … Read moreP2P lending portfolio review for July, 2017

ViaInvest review

ViaInvest’s overview ViaInvest focuses on short-term, secured loans. The interest rates are slightly above 10%. Visit ViaInvest’s website My opinion on ViaInvest With the current returns, ViaInvest is not really competitive. For short-term investments in payday loans, both Swaper and Robocash are much better choices. Detailed ratings Interest rates The current interest rate is extremely … Read moreViaInvest review