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ViaInvest focuses on short-term, secured loans. As with Swaper, I invested some money there after my initial investments on well-established P2P companies.

Secured loans

As I’m updating this article at the start of October 2017, ViaInvest only offers loans from Poland with a 10% interest rate.Other countries were previously available (Spain, Czech Republic, Latvia) but aren’t currently listed among available loans. This is much lower than‘s 14% interest rate ! All loans are short-term, the longest one being less than 2 months.

In addition to this rather low rate, there’s some tax withholding taking place, eating between 15% and 23% of your profits (depending on the country – see the FAQ for details). You can apparently prevent it by providing a taxcertificate, but getting them in France is a big headache so I didn’t bother.

On the bright side, auto-invest is really easy to setup : choose the maximum investment per loan, the remaining loan term, minimal loan rate and you’re done !

ViaInvest auto-invest


It’s possible to invest manually but it’s not worth the trouble, as there’s no large difference between loans.


Like most P2P companies, ViaInvest will refund both accrued interest and principal after 30 days of default.

There’s also one aspect I didn’t realize earlier. You have the opportunity to ask for a forced buyback if a loans gets extended more than 90 days. To do so, visit the detailed loan page and clock on the “Initialize buyback” button located on the right side. You usually won’t need to use this option unless you want to withdraw some cash.

ViaInvest loan details

Website ergonomics

ViaInvest’s website is easy to use. As the loans interest are mostly uniform, you won’t spend much time setting up auto-invest ! One mildly annoying thing is the toggle buttons in the settings. It’s hard to tell if a “Yes” button means that the setting is on, or if it becomes “Yes” once clicked. A checkbox would be much clearer !


Nothing fancy but it works !

Actual performance

My net annual return shown by the website is 12.75%, which is nice. However I’m a bit puzzled about it as it doesn’t seem to include tax withholding. Moreover, it mostly reflect the performance of a portfolio with only 12% interest rate loans; new portfolios will probably have lower returns.

Conclusion : how does ViaInvest compare to other P2P lending sites ?

With the current returns, ViaInvest is not really competitive, especially if you compare it to offer.

Interest rateI’m lowering this rating to 2 stars, as the current interest rate is extremely low… and tax will lower it even more !
Loans availability Deposited money is invested very quickly
Buyback Standard clause
Website ergonomics Viainvest’s website is easy to use
Reporting Investments list, account statement and account overview are readable
Global ratingIf there was no tax withholding, I’d probably deposit more. But for now I’ll stay with Mintos and Grupeer

(last update : October 9th, 2017)


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