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Investing in loans : our main topic

Investing in loans through peer-to-peer lending and crowd-lending platforms is the main focus of Alternative Investments.

From absolute beginners to experienced investors, our large library of documentation, guides and reviews will help you.

Learning to invest in loans

If you’re a beginner, check out our extensive documentation. It will explain everything you need to know from scratch.

In our gentle introduction to investing in loans, we’ll start by explaining basic concepts, and gradually introduce more advanced topics essential to investing safely.

Selecting the right platforms to invest in loans

Alternative Investments features an extensive list of reviews. Loans quality and availability, platform ease of use and features : learn everything you need to know about the platforms before you commit your money there !

Another way to choose is our article comparing platforms allowing to invest in a straightforward way. This is especially recommended for beginner investors, who’ll enjoy an interesting performance without any hassle.

Finally, if you find our whole reviews list too intimidating, Alternative Investments also features a shorter list of my favorite P2P-lending, real-estate and business crowdfunding platforms.

Note that for diversification’s sake, we encourage you to browse the reviews anyway at a later time !